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"I'm just gonna sit on your lap for five dollars a song"

Alrighty nappy happies out there, some pics of me at the zoo, with my snake, and for Ani fans out there, my newest pet named after the acoustic babe :)

I was gonna post a nude on here, but I decided that yall had to buy me dinner first, I'm not THAT and j/k.  No, I'm just uber fat and uber paranoid about it all coming up later in life...


Her name is Johnny Rep, she's almost a year old and a tad under 2 feet (she had a few months where she refused to eat and upchucked what the vet force fed her--turns out  she doesn't like humidity at all...huh).  She's a redtail boa constrictor.  Her rents where 10 and 5 feet, so she shouldn't be too big.

"I think there's something wrong with me, cuz I don't fit in.  No one wants to touch it, no one knows where to begin."

Reptiles, the ultimate dreadlock accessory...

My mother and I at the zoo a week ago.  We have the same picture by the same statue of me when I was five.  She got all misty with this one...

Dreads in the plant house.  I like the metal I had in that day.  Rubber banded the roots to help them keep together after knotting, worked well.

This is my newest fish, I named her "THE ANI FUCKING DIFRANCO FISH" cuz she looks fierce but she eats from my hand!  She's an 8 inch dragonfish and will hit 2 feet at maturity.



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