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Dread pics [02 Jan 2006|01:12am]
[ mood | busy ]

Just a couple pics. All dreads I've put in...my fiance, my brother, our friend.

Peek?Collapse )

And boy, am I EVER glad the madness of the holiday season is over. Now, if only I could take a vacation.....

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one more [02 Jan 2006|01:18am]
[ mood | busy ]

this was us new years eve. I got sharpied by a pack of art students.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[02 Jan 2006|12:06pm]
I'm almost certain that I'm going to college in St. Paul or Chicago. (Specifically, near Grand Avenue and Hyde Park, respectively.)

Anyone from this community who lives in/near these cities? 'cuz I would really rather the person who'll change my hair forever be from livejournal.

Haha, yeah. I'm lame. But still.

And as a side note, I hate having to untangle my hair when I shower. I would much rather just leave my knotting pieces to themselves, but alas. I must wait until my mother will not kick me out of the house. :P
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Hope everyone had a great new years! [02 Jan 2006|01:31pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dreads are two years old nowCollapse )
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the before picture [02 Jan 2006|03:07pm]
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Okay, I checked through the memories.. but I was wondering if I could get anyone's opinion on which would be the best way to dread my hair. Rip and twist.. backcombing.. palmrolling? I'm not sure if one would be better for my hair type or not, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. (It is thick and curly/frizzy/'fro-like.)

And, I apologize for the huge picture.. I'm still getting the hang of posting images- so bear with me.

Thx, Rachel ;]
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[02 Jan 2006|03:19pm]
cocktail party hairstyle:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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i was going to do a simple twist, but my friend wanted to play with my hair. this is what she ended up with, and i loved it.
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NOHO [02 Jan 2006|04:13pm]
i'm gonna be going down to northampton, MA some day this week to run some errands and stuff....

does anyone live around there and want to grap coffee or something?
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Volunteers [02 Jan 2006|04:54pm]
Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the festive holiday :o) I'm posting up as I need some volunteers! I think some of you may have come across me before, I hand make dread hats/wraps etc I'm trying out a few new designs, and items, and need some people to try them out for me.

All I ask of is:

•2 or 3 good pictures of you wearing the item you are sent to put on my website
•A few minutes of your time to answer some questions for me
•A genuine, friendly person who is reliable

You get to keep the item you are sent as long as you are able to complete the above bullet points. If you don’t have a digital camera, or are hardly ever online, then please don’t offer to help. I need reliable people, who can communicate well via email.

If this is classed as spam, or annoying the community, I’m sorry, I’m just in need of some dready help :o)

Take care


PS If you want to help out then please e-mail me at info@missbell.co.uk

EDIT: Thanks to everyone whos emailed me! I shall be intouch shortly :o)
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[02 Jan 2006|06:48pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I cut out a caricature of Angelina and gave her dreads . . .

Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared . . .
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pictures of my babus [02 Jan 2006|07:13pm]
Well, after 9 solid hours of backcombing, waxing and sewing, I am completely infatuated with my puffy, waxy hair ^_____^
enjoy (&sorry if they're a bit big)Collapse )
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Cuba! [02 Jan 2006|10:25pm]
Does anybody know anything about the existance of dredheads in Cuba? I'll be there next week, and I figured it could be cool to meet up - are any of YOU Cubanos?

Okay, I'll admit it, I don't really have a question, just wanted to brag about being in Cuba for a week. =P
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[02 Jan 2006|10:35pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A happy dready new year!! :DCollapse )
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Shrimp wants Dreads! [02 Jan 2006|10:57pm]
My beloved bestfriend in the whole wide world, Shrimp,
Has decided that she wants dreads.
Two massive dreads, one on each side ^^
We're gettinbg up at half past six tomorrow, going to school waaay to early (it will probably be closed even) and then I shall make them for her ^^ She explained that she wanted so much junk and stuff in them that people would think she was Mathilda, the pile of trash in this TV show..

I have also dreaded Pia's hair. Pictures will follow.

Happy new year, hope everyone had a better celebration than I did.
I blummin HATE her.
Happy New Year <3
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I'mma try this again. [02 Jan 2006|11:05pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Alright, this is my second attempt at posting pics of my dreadies. The first time, I realized that Yahoo! Geocities was actin' up, so I included a link to my Scrapbook. Well, I took the suggestion of someone on here and decided to go w/ Photobucket.com. They're about 5-6 months old.

Lookie here...Collapse )

Lemme know whatcha think!

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