January 4th, 2006


Dee ba doo.

After being forced to neglect them for awhile for work and holiday related reasons, I finally got to work on my dreadbabies.

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I have to say that they're not coming along as fast as I hoped they would, though I can't expect them to look fantastic right away when all I have time to do in the morning is throw them in pigtails and run out the door to begin a day that doesn't end til very late. It really is crazy how many loose hairs I have, and I know I'm going to have to sit down sometime soon and fix that...I just don't know when I'm going to have the time.

Any tips for sewing dreads would be greatly appreciated. I'm reading the memories as well, of course.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and all of that rot.
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hey, i've had my dreads for just about 6 months now, and minus the tips they're awesome. This community has helped me out allot. Unfortunately whenever i wash my hair, all the 'knots' in my tips (about an inch up) come out, and go curly... my dreads look awefull, i usually r&t, but they dont stay. i wonder if im doing something wrong, or if there is an easier way to lock the tips up, sewing perhaps? i'm afriaid sewing tips was'nt explained enough in the memories section, or i didnt read the right posts.... or maybe i just plain dont get it.

thanks in advance,

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black or blonde?

So, I've been rocking the blonde thing since i was, well, born. I've had the blonde dreads for five years now. It started with my natural colour and then i started bleaching them about 3 years ago.

I think i'm ready for something different. I'm teaching, so my hair colour can't be purple, pink, orange or any of those fun colours anymore. I think I want to go black.

Has anyone here ever dyed their dreads black and then tried to lighten it again? Any advice?

Also.. i am wholly unsure about dying my dreads black, because it seems like a pretty permanent thing.

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I'm hoping it makes my eyes look really blue.
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first post

so about 5 months ago i dreaded my 4-5" long hair. i got the stupid kit from dreadhead (terrible idea. i dont know why someone didn't stop me) and it took all weekend. after 7 weeks i got really annoyed sleeping with a nylon on my head, the loose dreads in the back, and the cycle dreadhead had me doing. wash every 4 days. spray with "locking accelerator", let dry..and next day was and palm roll. this got really annoying, and i combed them out. my hair was chin length and it was fine. well the week after i cut my hair short and spikey (think sharon stone. hah) so then i started to remembe rhow much i loved it when my head was shaved .....so i shaved my head.

these past 2 months i've shaved it weekly, lastnight i took it down to a 1/8 of an inch (it was 1/4) and im starting to think about growing it out and start my dreads over.

im realizeing now what went wrong, a. i used the dread head kit. and b. i backcombed, palmroll..waxed and called it done. i obviously should have backcombed, palmrolled, and backcombed some more until it felt right. i also should have slowed down.

so if anyone has any advise on what i should do next time to avoid what happened lastnight i would love that.
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I've started using Neutregena TGel shampoo (after such strong recommendations here) and although it makes my head feel and look magnificent, it seems to take out hair dye each time I use it! I wish it would take out more than just the dye near the roots so I could get rid of some of this black (and I'm tempted to wash it a gazillion times with this stuff to see if it would really work) but it's not really something I want in a shampoo because dying is a pain in the arse and I don't want to just be washing it right out. Anyhoo, no one likes a text only post...

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dread party

Last night I got together with a couple friends and had a dread maintenance party. I'll admit, i cried a bit cause well... 100 little dreads + ripping, crocheting in large chunks of loose hair and the like ='s one tender scalp. My friend was actually pushing on my head with his arms for leverage a couple times when my hair didn't want to cooperate. my dreads are so much happier though.

I just have to say, I love this community so much! Everyone here is awesome, and dreadlocks are most definitely love.

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