January 5th, 2006

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I dyed my mom's hair tonight.. and there was quite a bit of hair dye left, so I decided to dye the two dreads in the front. They are kind of a dark reddish color and I love it!! I couldn't find lish's link, so I just put some dye on them, rubbed it in real well, wrapped them in some foil (not for any purpose other than keeping the dye off my face) and then 20 mins later I washed them really really well.

I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow because I'm extremely tired right now, but just wanted to share since I'm so happy with the outcome. I think I'm gonna get some different colors and dye some more now :)
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retro savoy


I'm new here, so I just thought I'd introduce myself and my locks. I've been growing them since August of '99. This picture was taken April of '05. Sorry its such a fuzzy picture. ^^

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the day has finally come.

I want to thank everyone for the information you gave me on my last post.

The day is finally here. In less than an hour, i will be getting my dreads.
i had them before. but, they werent done correctly.
so, i awaited for someone who KNOWS what their doing. and my friend Amanda is helping me out.
and i'm forever grateful.
I will def. have before & after photos.
but, here's a photo of a friend & i.
so, it's kind of a before photo.

okay, im going to put a few more.

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i'm in the sunglasses.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me & my CRAZY neice. (she decided to put all my makeup on her face & draw on her eyebrows like me, haha)

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me & my friend, tracy

thanks again.

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tea tree oil

ok, am I missing something?

how am I supposed to apply tea tree oil without it being extremely messy and oily? do you guys dilute with water and put it in a spray bottle? do I just have to get my hands covered in it and rub it around on my scalp? do I need to wash my hair when I'm done?I'm super confused.

thanks everyone!