January 8th, 2006

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random christmas pictures:

(i re-dreaded the little fringey bit at the front... rip and twist styles, and my hair is really soft, so it's come out a lot, but i like the way it looks!)

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happy whatever-you-celebrate every one of you beauties!
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I clean up nice

So I had to get dressed up for a fancy holiday party last month and I never dress up so I had to go buy a new outfit and everything and I was like "aaaaaa what am I gonna do with my locks" cause theyre too short to do a fun style with - but I managed


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How abouts' an update? Indeed...

I took pictures of me before and after the dread explosion but I purposely sealed them until the 6 month/1 year mark, which ever I feel like.

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I had my first lock related nightmare and few nights ago. I have a zip-up hoodie with a big, metal zipper on it. I dreamt that my dreads got caught in it and it ripped a chuck of 'em out. I haven't worn said article of clothing since.

mmk, buh-bye!
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I caved and got maintenance done at the Knotty Boy salon. My dreads have never looked better! All my loose hairs have been crocheted back into my dreads and they wrapped thread around all my roots, I can actually feel air on my scalp! I would highly reccomend either of the stylists to anybody in the vancouver area looking to get maintenance done or start new dreads. They did a fan-fucking-tastic job, I'm very impressed. I don't have any pictures as of right now but when I take some I'll be sure to post them. So this isn't text only, I took Lish's advice and dyed my dreads burgundy. These pictures were taken before I had maintenance, that's why my dreads look so fuzzy and messy.

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Hey does anyone have any advice or before after pics of stripping their hair? Ive heard bad things about it, but i wanna start from scratch colour wise. Is it true that if it touches your scalp it like burns through to your brain? Cheers tits :)

i'm back!

haha, i don't know if anyone has a random enough memory to recall that i've posted here before, but here i am.

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i had dreads for 3 months of summer and took them out a few weeks before school began because i was depressed and homesick for the past and needed some comfort and maybe to disappear.

anyhow, it was a dumb thing to do.
and i've decided to re-dread.

i'm using the rip and twist method, but i'm not doing my whole head. i have 25 dreads at the moment and they sort of blend and play with the rest of my curly hair.

here's the question:
i have very frizzy dry hair. when my hair is undreaded, i condition it every time i wash. since only 30-40% of my hair is dreaded, i kinda still need to do this.
can i? will my little dreads be okay?
there's no way to tie back or separate the dreads from the regular hair since they're in completely random places all over my head.
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The Roadkill

My mother fondly refers to my hair as "The Roadkill". She thinks she's the funniest person ever, so it really doesn't bug me.

Anyways, I thought I would post a picture or four.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This was taken before Christmas break
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