January 12th, 2006

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well everyone

looks like me and the family will be heading to cuba sometime this year

looks like an amazing place, but im worried that ill be getting ragged on for being white and having locks, so all you traveling dreaded heads tell me your experiences in cuba...good or bad

thanks alot.

dreadddddy looove.

my dreads are exactly a week old today.
i'm excited. and get even more excited with each moment.

BUUUUUUUT, i do have a question:

they still arent very tame, to which i can wear my hair down.
will this still take some time? or can i do something to help it?

thank you! pictures later today or tomorrow of my little but exciting process.

love you all!

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How long to wait?

I cut my dread off about 5 months ago. It happens every 4-5 years and it gives my head a chance to be fresh and cold for a while. But now I miss them so much and have to wait till there is enough hair. The question is, how much is enough hair?

From dreading other peoples hair I know that it depends on the hair type but I would love to hear form others how long they have waited and why?

Last time I waited till my hair was to my shoulders, dry. It is really wavy almost enough to be called curly. The time before that I put them in when the hair was 6 inches long when I pulled on it.

and just because, here is an old picture and a new one.
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after all this time.

i have come to the conclusion, now ... after my BIG CUT ... that, i hate my straight hair. lifeless and boring. i miss their scratchy touch, smell and fun.

i have been playing with the idea of having my hair cut at a salon, short and all ... and keeping i that way. I CANT!

grow hair grow, grow FAST! i want, i need my tangled locks back! i'm addicted.

(old foto, to not make this text only)

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for those of you who started at about chin length or longer...

where are you now?
and how old are they

can you post me a pic or 2???
it would be very nice

and some great motivation to start my new ones.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i miss my babies - they were so much nicer than they look here...
they were natural and on their way

but i cut them to make others happy


now my hair is to my chin kinda longer
and i need inspiration

so help a sista out???


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alright guys. i always hate seeing these posts, and i couldn't ever understand why people would every cut their dreads. but i did, and i'm really glad i did it. i love not having them. although i did love having them. i don't regret it at all. i didn't understand it at all before, but now i do. it's real weird. anyway. here's sort of a montage. i cut them almost exactly one year after getting them.
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dreadlocks were sweet.

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sry about the repost. i accidently deleted my other one..grrr.

one week old today, yay.
i know its not exciting, but i thought i'd post a few pictures!
im having a good hair day. &&& i got my new glasses today.

**new photos added***

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