January 13th, 2006



was having coffee by myself today before class and met a woman with dreadlocks, shes had them for 14 years. she was very nice and had coffee with me. Shes moved here from Jamaica,and was telling me that it takes her hair so much longer to dry here then there and that so many people rag on her hair here. I said tell me about it, I get some negative comments about my hair too. she looked at me and said our locks are our love, and our strength, you remember that. she wished me a good day and i was left alone with my coffee.
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life is love.
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I need help?
I want to dye the top of my dreads dark brown, while leaving my tips red?.
& so far I haven't managed to think of a easy way to do this..
other than wrapping each end in plastic.. but GAH! as if dying your dreads
isn't enough work already, I don't want to have to wrap each one before I
even start the process.

so. ANY tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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damn i just put my eyes in dreadlock overdrive. i have not had my computer for sometime now but im back in actione now.
my dreads are getting tight and doing really well i think. ive gave then lots of attintion lately. i will post some new pics soon but heres a little up day of the past month or so.
lot of pics sorry

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I know people sometimes say stupid things to us dread heads... but today I got so frusterated and felt the need to share. I was at my boyfriend's house with him and his room mate, and his room mates girlfriend MJ came in the door with a new nose ring (stud). She and her boyfriend went into the other room, but my bf and I could hear them talking through the walls. Their conversation went a little like this.

him: Why the hell did you pierce your nose?!
her: It's not a big deal it's just a little nose stud.
him: Why didn't you just punch a fucking hole through your head, MJ.
her: You better be glad I didn't do something stupid like put my hair in dreads.

My boyfriend yelled, "we can hear you" through the wall and she shut up. She has always been really nice to me so it surprised me to hear her say something like that.

I felt the need to share because I know all of you will be on my side, haha :)

boo to her.
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hey i haven't really made a post yet. i have some questions...
how long does your hair have to be to dread? is it true that you never wash it or else they come out? should i backcomb, or can i just twist it with beeswax?

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