January 19th, 2006

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I combined most of my dreads yesterday. I really wanted them to be thicker. I was starting to get unhappy with them.
I tried with all my might to use this method of Lish's to combine them, but it just wasn't working. I think one of the problems was that I had a make-shift needle I made out of some fairly sturdy wire. Although it might have worked, anyway, if some of my dreads weren't so tightly knotted. It actually made me pretty happy to see that some of my dreads are so tight that I tried for ten minutes on one to stick a pencil through the center of it, and I couldn't.
Anyhow, I gave up on that, and just used the method I've used before for combining my dreads. I basically weaved the dreads through each other, then rip and twisted the loose ends together. Some turned out quite braided-looking, but I like it. Not to mention, that's mostly due to the differences in the colors of each dread I combined. And they stop looking so much like that after a while.
So, they're combined pretty tightly, and I'm happy. :)

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me and my love are moving from toronto-area, ontario to vernon b.c.in two weeks.
we are driving across the country in the middle of winter in a little car with a trailer.

i am looking for:
advice on cool places to see - we're pretty much sticking to the trans canada, but anywhere near there is ok!
couches to crash on - we don't really want to have to pay for hotels, but it's too cold to sleep outside, sooooo...
new friends in or near vernon... or anywhere really. want to be friends?
a job in vernon

and just so this isn't text only:
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My spring semester just started today...

My Performance Studies professor has 20 year old waistlength blonde dreads and I know I'm not going to be learning anything in there because I can't stop staring at her hair....
Jon Stewart

Here ya go, Lish.

Nearing five months...
- found out that I've got some serious bald spots
- got beads
- figured out a hairstyle to do when I don't want to wear 'em down
- washed my hair enough that they're starting to turn pink at the tips

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okay, so i watch makeover shows on the w network sometimes

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this show made me really sad. the victim, i mean candidate, carrie, totally stood up for her dreadlocks, but it was still very disappointing to hear all the negative things being said about them. words like "unkempt" and "unprofessional" were thrown around a lot. the way she looks in that second photo was called "natural but sophisticated". i'm not surprised, just a bit unhappy with society right now. thought some of you might be able to commiserate.

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So I'm still going to dye my hair soon. It's nice but I'm bored with it. So I've read lishd  her text about how to dye dreads. Now I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow or so to ask some more information about bleaching. I still don't know if I'm going to bleach or use colour removal. Anyway does anyone have suggestions about wich colour I should do my hair. I want a bit a more serious and natural tour. I want to start all over (I'm even thinking about getting my piercings out....ow my!). I'm still thinking about chesnutbrown with blond tips. Does anyone else here have any ideas?


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I’m in the process of, like a few people here, letting my hair grow a little before I dread it. As much as I want to get into a whole explanation of what dreads mean to me I will hold back on that for now and get to my question: for the people who started dreads with methods other than neglect and perm, I was wondering if you made little one inch by one inch sections or did you just grab what you feel seems right?

I was originally just going to get the perm because I know it would be hard for me to do my hair myself since I don’t know anyone that will help and also because I constantly touch my hair and I don’t what to make my hair take longer to really lock up. However, I am a poor, college student who really cannot afford to spend about five hundred dollars on something that isn’t school related. So I was just wondering what you all did cause I don’t think I can really section my hair evenly on my own. Thank you

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Dear dreaded boys in the markham ontario area,

If you are a member of this community, if you have dreads, if you are super super cute, if you went to wild wings on fred varley this past saturday and drank beer with a friend, if you wear AE rugby jerseys, the girl who wore the red sweater and big earrings says hey, you're super cute.

And all my friends thought so too.


ps-I love being a dreadless lurker. It allows me to never forget the 9 months where my hair was how I wanted it to be. In dreads. I love all you guys.