January 23rd, 2006

finally~ an update!

Hey all!

Ive had my dreads for about 3 years now, which is when i first joind this comm. my what a change! it looks completely different!

anywhooo i was bored tonight so im posting pics, everyones fave!! YAYYYY!!

i hope this works...

i know its blurry!

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little bit of your time please.

I appolagise if this is in the memories, but i had a look and couldn't see anything about it.

Does the wieght of your dreads pull on your scalp causing bald spots? Is the length a factor in this?

Also i was wondering, whats the longest period of time that any of you, or people you know, have had thier dreads in for?

Thanks in advance :).


just about to bleech a few of my dreadies :) read the guide thingy by lishd and what not but im just woundering, can i wrap each dread after its got the bleech on in cling film or something to stop it getting bleech on the other dreadies? it may be in the txt and iv just missed it but i cant find any info. its only a box'd bleech thingy not one u make up urself.

me in the corner

Dreaded swimmers?

I just started swimming on a regular (5-6 times a week) basis, and was wondering if there are any other swimmers in the community. What is you hair regiment? I know the chlorine is bad for them, but it feels excessive to shampoo them almost every day. I have just been rinsing them afterward and washing about twice a week. It seems alright, just wondering what other people do. My dreads are almost 2 years, so I'm not worried about getting them wet so often.

And here's a picture (of course) taken about a month ago just after trimming them a couple inches.
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Hey there everyone! I've wanted dreadlocks for a long time, but my mom has always been against it. Yesterday she said that she'd let me get them, yay! She says I should go to a hair salon to get a professional do it, but I think I trust my friends to do it for me. Anyways, I'd much rather sit around for eight hours with my friends in my house, than with some "professional dreadlocker" in a hair salon.
So, now my question: (I didn't find an answer in the FAQ, if there is an answer there, sorry!)
I know there are several different methods of dreadlocking, but do the dreadlocks look different depending on the method? I was planning on backcombing it, but I'm curious about how it will turn out compared to other methods.

Thanks in advance for your help. :]
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I have been watching this community for a long time.. and I luv it!
I recently dreaded my hair again ( i dreaded my hair before and then brushed them out like after 2 weeks..I was feelin a little self conscious) I just backcombed,waxed and palmrolled. They are just a couple days old and I am trying to stay positive and not lets others comments get to me. I would luv if you guys would tell me what you think ...any advice, any help at all. I have been looking through the memories and goin through old post. One thing that would help a lot is seeing pix of people's dreads when they first started out like the first week or so.. it just helps to see what others looked like..that would help ;) ok anywho here are some pix.
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Prrr how i love my dreads. & just washed them so they smell nice again.

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Normally when i go out i always put my hair up in a ponytail but this time i didn't and sitting in a bar people came up to me and said: "My god, Renée! Your dreads are getting so long! I never noticed because you allways have a ponytail."
That somehow made me love them even more.

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They're about 7.5 months old. I stopped palm rolling in November, so they're a little more wild looking now. If I didn't spend so much time with the back of my head leaning against something, I wouldn't have so much empty space back there! Yesterday I cut one of the longer ones in half and sew-dreaded it into loose hairs in the back with some thin yarn. It was clean, but a little dusty on the inside. I've been trying to isolate groups of loose hair for future dreading or dread attaching. I also took the beads off the skinnier ones because I felt they were impeding the knotting progression.

I think because I've worn them down for the last 3 months, they're curling around my head, and that's cute of them. I think wearing them down has also caused the new hair growing on the top of my head to not join the dreads. I think I'm going to let it grow out instead of dreading it so I can have a combination head. Hopefully it will turn out like spin_the_moon's fluffy lion mane. (She's the Machu Picchu girl if you remember).

For the most part, they still haven't stopped shrinking. My hair used to be a foot longer when it wasn't dreaded! I think it's super cool tho. And it looks better on me than I would have thought. I can hardly get them up in a hair elastic, not to mention fit them in it due to fatness.
So I was wondering: When did yours stop shrinking and start growing?
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