January 24th, 2006

Happy 3 months =D

My dreadies have finally passed the three month mark =D
And I love them more than ever, and I am getting sort of confident about them now.
It's all good, and I've deloped a special relationship to them now <3

Mum was a total bitch about them the other day!
Mum : What have you done to them? Have you combed them out?
I : No, I showered, and left them while I Went to school, they sort of unravelled
Mum : They're looking gruesome!
I : No mum, they're developing, it takes time!
Mum : This isn't dreads, you've got no right to call theese dreads!
I : Every single dread in the world is DIFFRENT mum! It depends on type of hair, length, colour
Mum : Why did you dread you'r hair at anyway?! Can't you just be normal, like everyone else?!

Changes are nice ^^ I suddenly got the urge to change something.
And I like the result =)

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hear no


after my last post, i started to really hate how the back of my head looks.

when i got them done, i was too unconfident and lacking in knowledge to do them myself. i've never been happy with the job that was done - the sectioning is poorly done and they were barely backcombed with petroleum-based wax.

that means i ended up with two giant ones - one at the back (under the Collapse )) and one randomly in the middle of the right had side, which i brushed out 3 months ago and made into one new dread plus some extra loose hair sewn into the dread next to it. this felt much better.

so today, after a few days of just feeling ugly because of the giant back ones (i think i really prefer thinner dreads - not tiny thin, but thinner), i went home and started brushing out the 9 month old giant back one. ow.

about half way up the dread, fluff started appearing. i thought "oh well, got some fluff in my dreads". then, as i got towards the top, i discovered that there was a massive clump of mould about an inch from my scalp on that dread. much of the hair below the mould has come out, obviously, and most of the hair feels kind of oily - it's obviously the fault of residue in the dread.

so, gudu, i ask you to decide the fate of my dreads. is one mouldy dread likely to suggest more mould elsewhere, or do you think it was because this one dread was so much bigger (and more solid) than any of the others? should i brush out another smaller dread to test is this is an epidemic or an isolated case? should i just cut them all off?

if i do keep them, any idea how to get rid of the remnants of the mould before redreading what hair i have left there?

i feel really gross telling you guys this, but i needed to talk to someone about it, and someone who has a clue about this stuff. i've taken good care of my little guys. i'd just like some advice on what to do now. i've checked the memories: i see "lice", but no "mould" category.

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k I am bored and I thought I would post some pix of my dread head inspiratons... ( besides the pix i am posting I thought I should say that I got most of my inspiration from all the people who were dreaded up at the 05' Barter Fair the were some beautiful dreads there!! )
Image hosting by Photobucket
Karyn Crisis- from the band Crisis.. she has some amazing drealocks the are very very long !
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Hey I'm looking into giving people dreads.
The best part about it is that it for limited pay or trade.
By limited I mean like... 20 bucks
And by trade... almost anything. I like art, furniture, art supplies...really just offer something.

I want to do this because I like giving dreads. I've given 2 people dreads and they both liked them. I figured that there may be some lurkers on here who have been afraid to make the jump because they can't do it themselves.

I'm in the Southern California area.

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oh i don't have any pics of the ones I've done besides these cause I didn't take any... I did mine... 4 years ago so i have more experience