January 29th, 2006

Anyone with a fringe and dreadlocks?

Hi there, I er used to post on here a lot a long while back, but I can't seem to find my posts :/ I suppose it would take forever, but anyways...I was sitting here sorting out my dreads with a crochet needle and it suddenly occured to me that they will be 2 years old very soon. I then remembered that one of the first places I celebrated my new dreadys at was this place ^_^ I don't currently have any up-to-date pictures of myself, only old ones;

But I suppose the only difference is that they're now blonde and longer. I was wondering though if some of the people here with fringes or 'bangs' could help me? I've seen a couple of pics where people have it and it looks really good on all of you. I was thinking about brushing out my front 4 dreads to make a fringe because I dislike my forehead to be honest haha. It wouldn't be short, I used to have a fringe when I had straight hair that came across my face in a sort of diagonal. Anyway the reason I'm posting is to ask whether any of you guys have any problems having a fringe too? I mean you've got to wash with shampoo etc... is that annoying/hard to manage with your dreads as well? Plus my hair is very wavey naturally, I'd probably have to straighten my fringe as well. For the record I also wear a lot of bandanas and things so does having a fringe affect that too? Lastly, the reason I posted a pic is to show my face shape, do you think a fringe and dreads would suit it?

I mean as far as I can see it'd be just another area of my hair to fuss with which is great, but if anyone with a fringe could just let me know the pros and cons that would be great. Cheers, Jen x

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I was stopped by a woman today who saw my hair from across the way and said she had to come over and say hi and tell me she liked my hair and ask me how long I'd had them for. It made me smile so big! :)

Anyway, the point of the post was that while she was talking she told me about something someone had told her to do once that she said really helped.

Since we can't get to the inside of dreads to clean and since things in the atmosphere and shampoo can build up in there, this is what she said helps a lot:

Mix some baking soda in with a bucket of water and dunk your hair in. Let it soak for a couple minutes. Then rinse it out thoroughly. Only do this every couple weeks or it will dry out your hair.

She said since she started doing it she could really tell a difference.

Wow I hope that makes sense and isn't totally incoherent. :/
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Dear Young Man Who Works At Army Barracks On Newbery Street in Boston,

I enjoyed our time together and thought you were absolutely adorable. Sometimes we have the urge to cut at one year, sometimes two or three or four! Sorry if I grossed you out with my...roots? And about your pondergins: I know you will make the right decision, and you will still be three kinds of hot without them.


You're very slick trying to sell me all those different types of handcuffs.