February 1st, 2006


one month!!!

alrighty, so I've now had my dreads for a month! I have times when I love them, and times when I hate them with a firey firey passion. Mostly I love them.

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see me being happy about them?

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Also, I'm taking a class at hampshire college this semester, and I swear I saw 12 to 15 people with dreads in the few hours I was there. I love dreadheads!!!

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Well, after trying EVERYTHING (dish soap, hand soap, de-waxing soap, boiling water, etc) and not being able to get the wax out...

I'm just combing them out and starting over ^_______^
They're soooo gross inside. No more wax for me. Ick.

I think I'm either just gonna go natural, or section better and make them a wee bit smaller (but not much cause I still LO-O-OVE fatties).

Wish me luck :D

worth a shot...

is there anyone here (or knows anyone) in the cleveland area
that dreads hair? i will pay & tip ;]

i miss my dreads so much;
but i rather make someone else do them this time.

so PLEASE let me know
thanks ♥