February 4th, 2006

re: combing out dreads

does flax oil help untangle knots? a hairdresser told me they would, and as of now i have a huuuge matted section in the back of my head i'm having trouble brushing out. from your experience, would it be wiser to just comb out each dread and then deal with the matted part, or rip apart the matted part and then comb out the separate dreads?

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How can I convince my mother that shampooing my hair every day (and sometimes twice a day on the weekends) is bad for my hair?

She recently told me that slightly oily hair made me look "dirty" but I don't like the way it feels when it's "clean" :(

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I'm here for a while, but I never dared to post a photo around here..
I don't know why, I guess I was just impressed by all of you guys!
My name is Denise and I'm 17 years old. My dreads are 1 year and almost 4 months old.
I don't have photo's of my dreads in the beginning, but I can tell you that they were horrible :p
Today I made some pictures with my friend Roos zythka.
Hope you enjoy :)

Beware, lots of photo's
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This is how they look today

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[]first time poster[]
i backcombed the underside of my hair and formed dreads 14months ago since at the time my job wouldnt allow a full head of dready goodness. upon becoming a cocktail waitress i threw away my brush and let the rest form naturally.. with washing, palmrolling and seperting on mondays. so far, so good. now i am left with very little unlocked hair, but when worn down, i can pass for having 'normal' hair due to its placement.

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I'm drunk and I'm torn...

I am a senior in college and I am in competitive speech. I have qualified for the national tournament in a speech that several judges around the country say is national champion material,

however 6 of them TODAY ALONE said I won't be taken seriously at nationals because of my dreads.

They are 7 1/2 months old and they have taken a lot of time to grow. I could comb out all my hair, but I love my dreads. The national tournament is in April and it's only 3 days long. Since I'm going to floriday and it's hot hot hot down in Gainsville, I was planning on waxing them with knotty boy to make the flyaways and tiny strays stay down and undectible (I know wax is bad lol) and just pinning it all back, removing all wraps and beads.

But I don't know if that will be enough. Do you think that if I just abuse them with wax (and work on slowly washing it out when I get back home) and pin it back I could be fine? I have no current pics to show yall...

See, I wear dreads as a conscious political statement about the transgression of race roles and reaffirming a new racial identity for myself. God I'm drunk and I still can type the academic answer for my hair....so getting rid of them just to win a national title is kinda hypocratic.