February 5th, 2006

Camille Claudel

I went to see the Claudel and Rodin exhibit finally, on the last day here, at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Yeah, my priorities lie not in that football game that brought glitter to the city, but in looking at sculpture of these tragic lives. Two pieces by Camille Claudel stuck out, because of the way she sculpted the hair. Collapse ) are some pictures I found of them.

You all should take a look.
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Last days

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I know I just posted not very long ago, but I lightened my hair and um, I've been growing em for 6 months now. Also, I just enjoy taking pictures of myself, haha.

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They've shrunk so much. Almost 9 inches. I don't really want them to shrink anymore because I like having long hair and it's hard for me to put it in a bun for work now. They've gotten way fatter though.
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Help me! I'm a spazz!

Ok, check it out, I have "boobie length" super thick hair.  I had a friend who said she could dread my hair no problem, um yeah, it was a problem.  I was wondering if there was anyone who lived close to Greenville, SC that would like to make $150+ to dread my hair and be forever my friend!  Here are some pictures of my hair, sorry I look kind of crazy in the pictures.



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