February 6th, 2006


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Hey all, its nice to see all you beautiful people.
Since there are so many who share, I thought I would do the same.

This is me 8 months ago when they were but babies
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scratch nose

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Dear GUDU:

Ive been working on losing weight recently. Tonight I reached a small personal goal. I took a picture of it and Ill post it here cause 1) It shows how long my hair is now and 2) cause I wanted to show all y'all. (cause I like all y'all)

This skirt is a size 12. My sister in law bought it for me a year ago for my birthday. I was going to return it because it didnt fit but H&M doesnt carry over a size 14.

It fits.

I love transformations!

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I am in LOVE with that shiney, brown thread! The craft-shop around the corner had TONS of that stuff in every colour you can imagine.

I am in LOVE with my hair

I am in LOVE with the colour

I am in LOVE with the loose ends

I am in L-O-V-E!

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New dye job. 2 years, 2 months. :D

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A question, to you dreadheads with cats: Do they attack and chew on your dreads while you sleep? Or at least while you're laying down? I've had three different cats attack my dreads, even while I was awake! Anyone else?
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So far, so good, but...

I'm trying to transition from washing every day to washing less frequently. It's not an easy transition because my scalp is pretty active and I usually can't go for more than 2 days before I need to wash the greasy scalp.

Any hints about weaning my scalp off frequent washings? I'm changing from shampoo to using Dr Bronner's peppermint soap and I'm moving to less frequent shampooing at the same time, so I might be trying to change too many things at once.

If you're shampoo free, meaning washing with baking soda and an occasional acv rinse, how often do you do that?

Any handy methods of washing scalp versus hair that you care to share?

I ran out of time to take a picture of my head today, since I had to sit under the hair dryer forEVER to get my hair dry before work today. :-(
I'll post more pics soon! (My previous post is here.)
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Shwats the dill.

Whats the deal with Wax?? I've been reading some of ya'lls bad experiences with it... but the lovley lady that did my dreads gave me this:
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and said i should use it for a while...

I tried a very small amount on one dread ..and it's uh..waxy, haha. Is it good to use for the first couple of weeks?

ALSO, rubber bands. I read you all talkin' smak about the bands. Whats the dill? If i want my dreads to form where they are and how big we made them is it good to keep them in? What are your reasons to get rid of them??

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it begins..

After thinking about dreads for years and growing my hair out a few inches, I finally purchased a metal comb today, which got me ridiculously excited. Even though I'm in the midst of writing a paper, I made a couple of quick little dreadies on the top of my head just to see how they'd look. I succeeded in giving myself antennae!

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I had to take them out, since I don't have the time to do my whole head today. It took a good long time to remove them, which is encouraging considering that they were fast and sloppy. Now my hair is all frizzy and poofy. I am reminded of the baby-fro of my youth.

I'm hoping to do my entire head sometime this week.