February 10th, 2006

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They're growing! =0)

Okay, okay...I know that the length of my dreads isn't that much different from the last time that I've posted, but I'm just so giddy and happy about how much they've grown in a month. I just got them touched up on Tuesday, so they're looking fresh and all that jazz.

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Any kind souls in Austin this weekend?

Hey, finally an intro post.  I've been lurking for a couple months and have appreciated your integrative knotty wisdom and perpsectives.  My current and first head of dreads here will be 2 years old in May.

My motivation for finally posting is to seek help with crocheting all my crazy loose hairs.  I just bought a hook but can't seem to figure it out and not being able to see much of my head well doesn't help.

Sooo... anyone willing to help a sistah out?  PLEEEAAASSEE??!!!

I will be in Autsin, Texas this weekend (first choice)
but I live in Minneapolis and hope to make it to Salt Lake City and Chicago in the next month or so.
I can travel fairly cheap and easy with my job benefits right now, so i wouldnt mind checking out other cities if there's someone there who's interested in getting together.  Even if not for maintenance, just to make new friends with an inside knowledge of new places.

I'm willing to return the favor in whatever way i can.  dreading, maintenance, coloring, a small chunk of cash, my first born, etc... I'm open to ideas.

Let me know A.S.A.P. if you're interested!

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home straightening perm to degloss shiny soft hair

Background info: My dreads are around six months old and are not close to where they ought to be for their age. I’ve tried all the things people do to help them out (palmrolling, obviously keeping them clean, saltwater misting, etc.) Early on I realized that my dreads were going to take much more time to form then most other people’s would. My hair is extremely soft, thick, and silky. Within the first couple of months, lishd brought up the idea of doing a chemical straightening perm on my hair simply for the “de-glossing” effect it would have. I didn’t really consider doing it at that point because I hadn’t really minded the fact that my hair was taking a long time to dread.

But after my six month post, it was brought up again and I decided that it would be worth a try at this point.

The plan: The product that was used is called “One ‘n Only Curl Remover.” It is a “relaxer” or “straightening perm.” The plan was to basically damage my hair mildly just so the texture would be more dread-friendly. I guess it would be equivalent to the way that many people notice their dreads getting tighter after bleaching them or using dye (you can read about that in the memories). We followed the directions on the box, minus combing my hair straight. It was a quick process with just a couple of steps. Apply the chemical. Wait the appropriate amount of time. Rinse it out. Apply neutralizer. Wait again. Rinse again.

What I’ve noticed so far: My hair still feels soft (a little bit more coarse then before), but I’d say that it feels a lot thinner. The dreads that were doing the best felt like they benefited a lot from this process. As they dried, they seemed to stay a lot tighter and still feel much denser than before. All of the rest of the dreads have also felt tighter, I just don’t notice it as much.

Overall: I think that this was a helpful thing to do. My hair really is freakishly weird in texture. It has never been bleached/dyed because I haven’t ever bleached and only dyed it a couple of times a few years before this hair even existed. I plan on repeating this process with lish’s help in a few weeks.

This was kind of an experimental thing since most people shouldn’t really need to do this. The straightening chemical is strong, so I wouldn’t recommend trying something like this on your own. I’d suggest talking to lishd if you are interested in learning more.

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Why hello everybody! The time has come...I've been waiting to get dreads for a long time but I had to put it off for a while because of a theatre production I was in...but now that it's over, it's dread time! Heh...I know that's cheezy. Anyway, now that I'm completely ready, I've run into some problems. First, none of my friends or anyone is willing anymore to help me get my dreads...they've all backed out...some friends they are...so, I just figured, what the hell...why not just try to do it myself. Is that a good idea, or will they just end up a mess?...and not a good dreaded mess...a just plain messed up mess. I know what to do...sort of, so what do you think, should I just take the plunge myself? Or should I find someone else? Oh, and one more question, when backcoming, should I start at the tip or at the root?


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hello all. um, i would liek to say hi once again, i had dreads a few years ago and now they are back in action. im going totaly natural this time. no wax and i have totaly done them on my own(w/o m y friends i mean) i have read the memories about washing your hair, im good at that seens easy enough im just wondering how everyone dries their hair. like is it bad to put them in a tam while they are still wet?? anything like that...

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I still need to finish combing (which I was planning on doing this weekend), but I was wondering about something. Since I'll have brushable hair, and I was planning to bleach and dye my hair and redread it, what would be the best order to do it?

1 Bleach > dye > redread
2 Bleach > redread > dye
3 Reread > bleach > dye

If one way would be a LOT easier than another, or would use significantly less dye, which order would it be? Thanks. {: