February 12th, 2006

dread perms pt. 3

Mmmk, forgive me if this has been covered....

I have been thinking about giving myself a dreadperm with rollers. It's not that I want to tighten them I actually want them to curl or at least the ends. I know in the memories it said that the wave will last for at least 5-6 months. My locks are almost at 6 months and thier so straight and kinda lifeless in my opinion. Geez, I hope they don't read that because I still love them! They just need a lil kick.
But my question actually is: Has anyone ever done this just for aesthetic reasons? If so gimme a slice of your experiences.
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wow, I never say anything on this site. I do lurk a bit. and all the pics are awsome. sadly this post won't have any, I hope to get some up soon. umm Im just currious. wow the im just currious question. no!!! anyway umm I have had my dreads wow 2 years next may 30th. and recently ive taken all the frizz that has formed on my head and formed them into new dreads. little ity bity ones. do most people do this? granted Im not to thrilled cuz most my dreads are like sholder length or beyond and now I got a few babys. 4 to be exact so my total is up from 13 to 17. I don't know what im trying to acomplish just currious. peace all.

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Someone asked me the other day, "So when was it that you decided that dreads were for you. What made you want dreads as your hairstyle?"

Of course I joked and said that I just wanted to be cool (HA!) but I really didn't think it was such a big deal to have dreads. I like the hair style. I always have and I think they tell a story. I've been through a lot in the past 2 and 1/2 years that I've had them.

So what about all of you? What made you decide to get dreadlocks?

And now for some pictures!! :D

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At this point, we're at 13 months.

I stopped doing any forms of maintinance back in november (namely, clockwise rubbing obsessively at my roots)

consequently i have 1,000,000,000,000 loose hairs now, whereas before i had close to none.

I don't mind though, It fills out my head a little bit more that way, and makes me look a little less bald ;^)

I feel like they simply refuse refuse refuse to grow.
I eat healthfully, don't smoke, sleep [occasionally]

but my hair is so thin that they're simply CRAWLING down my head.

although i'm finally starting to like them a little bit.

i think.

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day one

I dreaded my hair yesterday with the help of some friends. I was unsure about wax, but decided just to stick with backcombing for the time being. I'm really happy with the results, though obviously they still require a lot of work and patience. Since the bangs and the very back were still a bit short, so I decided to leave 'em for another month or so.

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Colour Question!

I have a question that is less about dreads and more about hair colour, but seeing as how dreadheads seem to be wise in all areas of hair related knowledge, I figured this would be the place to ask!

I am currently growing my hair out long enough to dread (this is a big deal to me, because it has been wicked short my entire life!). At the current moment, it is dyed bright blue alá Manic Panic, with about two inches of natural brown roots. When I eventually dread up my hair, I would very much like it to be one colour, which would mean getting rid of the blue.

Now, here comes the question: Manic Panic is a temporary/semi-permanent dye. Is it possible to use a permanent dye of a dark colour right over the blue? Or would I have to bleach it again? I've looked around the internet and asked a friend of mine who habitually dyes her dreads, but have yet to find an answer. I suppose I could just try it and see what happens, but I figured I would ask the all-knowing dreadheads of GUDU.

If this is a silly post, feel free to delete it! I thought it would be worth a shot to ask here, considering the facts that dreadheads 1) seem to be more apt to dye their hair happy colours and 2) generally know more and care more about hair than regular people. :D

Thanks in advanced!


this may seem sort of silly..

i'm currenty growing my hair out from a buzzed look. it's about an inch long. i did have locks, but combed them out and then shaved it, and i sort of want them back. i'm now considering letting them grow naturally. as i grow my hair out, and it gets longer, would it lock up/start to mat while it was relativity short?

i hope that make sense....
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long time, no post.
dreaded up last march, cut em off last october. redreaded two weeks ago.

i used the locking saltwater spray when i first dreaded up a while back,
but now, i dont have the money to buy the stuff online..

does anyone know of a good reicpe for a homemade locking spray?
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Three weeks ago.

How is my scalp surposed to behave not at 3.75months? in a week they will be 4 months old.
I sort of feel that I've done enough palmrolling and things, but the scalp, the hair next to my scalp is sort of neglected in a way. Well, it's very messy, and a bundle, I tear new ones apart every day, and I try knotting them up whenever I can find time to do it.
I am rather quite pleased with them. I just thought maybe someone could confirm that I'm doing alright?
james dean

to the girl i sat beside on the chair lift today

hello girl with pretty dreads and a blue jacket,
 i sat beside you on the chairlift at mount st.marie today, your dreads where pretty and much nicer than my slowly developing ones.i didn't say anything cause you were eating a chicken sandwich and talking with your friend.so i guess i just want to say i sat there hopeing my hair will look like yours in a few months.so basically i hope my dreads will grow up to be just like yours. :)
the girl in the dirty white.blue and orange jacket who could barely stand on her skiis.

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Me with pink highlights

Handmade Dread Beads

I hope its ok that I post this here...but I thought it might be of interest to some people in the community.

I recently made some dread beads, but I made them way too big for my dreads and they just slide off. So I'm trying to find good, loving homes for them :)

The diameter is about the size of a pinky finger or thin sharpie marker.

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