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HI! [13 Feb 2006|12:42am]
[ mood | good ]

They're coming along ^__^ It's been about a month

Thanks for the advice I got from everyone on this site, but I must say, patience has been my best ally throughout this transition.

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Sad to say... :( [13 Feb 2006|02:13am]
[ mood | cold ]

On April 29th I am cutting my dreads off. There are a few reasons so here goes:

1. On April 30th I am leaving for Iraq. No... I'm not in the military or anything like that. While most of my friends are going to places like The Bahamas, Costa Rica, etc. for spring break, I will be on my way to the Middle East. Reason is, I'm going to see my family. Beginning in 2003, I had two uncles and six cousins stationed in Iraq (Military). Over the course of the past 3 years a few of them have been killed. My remaining family members over there are going to have a collective funeral for everyone who has died, and I have to be realistic in realizing it might be the last time I get to see some of my cousins and my uncle, so I have to go. My entire family is going. Along with a million bazillion weird shots, my uncle advised me to cut my hair, for my safety he said. I have no idea what the issue could be, but he's been there for almost 3 years so I'm going to listen. Soooo what's more important to me... my family or my hair? That's an easy one.

2. Immediately after my week in Iraq I'm going back to France. I am from France (moved to Florida when I was 8), and my dad still lives there. I just finished graduate school, and I got a job teaching English and Literature at this college right outside of Paris. The way I see it... new job, new country, new life... you get the point. I am REALLY excited about this - I'm ECSTATIC that I'm going to be living so close to mon pere.

I'm really not terribly upset that my dreads are getting the chop. I feel like it's just the next step in my progression, ya dig ;) They still have until April 29th to exist in all their glory!

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last one [13 Feb 2006|10:58am]
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[13 Feb 2006|04:53pm]
Dyed the hair

And my dreads are 3 months old today:)

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i'm a newbie... [13 Feb 2006|06:14pm]
just dreaded my hair on saturday. it's my second go as my first attempt failed miserably after i washed them just six days into the process (eeep!)

so, a (dreaded) friend of mine helped me put them in.
they're randomly placed, thin dreadies.

right now i have no rubberbands at all in my hair
just a (SHITLOAD) of wax which has been recommended to keep my dreads intact.

i feel like a candle. i've never seen this much wax used.


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[13 Feb 2006|06:42pm]

Are there any people in sydney, who can help me with my dreads (my arms get tired after a few hours doing myself) also anyone in Sydney who wants help with theirs?

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[13 Feb 2006|06:51pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


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[13 Feb 2006|09:04pm]
descending into this specific livejournal domain, you will notice here on your left the wild dreadlocked child in various "camera" poses.

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[13 Feb 2006|10:17pm]
[ mood | blasted ]

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[13 Feb 2006|11:01pm]
My name is andrew i live in muskegon MI and ive had my locks for almost 4 years now. I love them to death

well i guess this gay ass jurnal wont let me show any other pics for that i apolgise
sorry i dont know why
well theres one pic of the back of my head
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