February 14th, 2006

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new person here. this may will be my 5th dreadiversary, straight from baldhead, so i am kind of feeling deep about it. i never dreamed that i could become so attached to my hair. it has deep spiritual meaning to me. it's my one conceit.

i don't have any pics from the very beginning, but this is my dread one year in:

and this is my dread now:

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Photo Theme for Today!

It's Valentine's day and this day always brings out strong opinions for different reasons.

If you love Valentine's day, post pictures that show why.

If you hate Valentine's day, post pictures that show why.

As always, this is a dread community so your photos need to be dread-related (interpret that as you will).

Have fun!
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I Want Them Back!!!

Hello All, I'm back.

I had the twists as some of you might remember, for about 3 weeks. Then, some REALLY bad weather came our way, and one morning that I had to walk to school...everything fell apart. I instantly went back to big blonde curly afro.

But now...I think it's time to get my dreads back.

Me and my parents agreed that the lady that did them..didn't do them very well. I mean, I knew they were going to be delicate, but these were Über-delicate. I had to wear clips to bed every night. I knew this wasn't going to work. But, I'm ready to go again.

I have a pic of my hair from today...

I need your guys help. I have more dedication and faith then I did before, and I just need opinions.
How to do them? What products? Rubber bands nessasary? All that stuff. Any help would be ...helpful.

Thanks again, 

- Dana
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yeah, so I've neverever posted here before, for good reason.
I don't have dreads yet, but I'm saving up time and money to buy things I need, like a metal comb and wax (I'm in high school - no job - poor... x.x). And hair. But that doesn't cost. it just needs to grow. (I recently cut my almost shoulder-length hair to my chin - am regretting it...)
Okay, so I have a question.
I put a baby dread in my hair, just to be cool, or... whatever.
and I used a tiny bit of pomade, because I don't have wax.
and it absolutely washed out. like, it stayed for a while, a few weeks, because I kept on backcombing it.
So, dreadheaded amazings, tell me what to doooooo. because I want all my dreadies to stay when I do it for real.
and another: is pomade okay, I mean, wax is probably preferrable, but still. and I know you don't have to use anything, but yeah.
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adrenalinechaos: thought you promised non-crappy-webcam shots of those gorgeous curly locks. let's have it!
soulhaus: not you, but those two friends you started a few months ago - what of them?
ameapia: didn't you say you brushed out/chopped? details!
kittypoop: you restarted. show us!
styrofoamkisses: i only recall baby dread shots from you. update?
autumnhawk: you don't ever post enough. more!
cottonmouthdn: same for you, brat!
heart_of_johnny: it's been eight months, dude.
im_a_cunt: also badly overdue on updating.

HOP TO, THANKS luv lish

ps happy VD. fun found-letter-fill-in project happening on my page!