February 15th, 2006

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hello all
I don't think I have posted since my dreads were 3 months

Well I recently hit the 6 month mark and I felt it was time for an update.

I actually laugh and smile a lot so I am really not as sad/bitter/serious as I look in my photos...I just can't fake smile for photos I take of myself.

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Alright.  first, this is my first post ( i have commented a few times on other peoples beautiful locks.).  
My name is Lizz and i'm a dreadlockaholic.
I dont have the patience to do my own locks, so i'm going to have my sister start mine.....soon hopefully.  But i decided to try to put atleast one in my hair today.  I warn you it looks rather crummy and i realize that they take time, its just that the first time my sister started them, they actually looked like dreadies.   Unfortunately i didnt take pictures of those, but i took a picture today....and one of the single lone dreadie i started a few months ago (it fell apart). Well, Collapse ) So, does anyone have any quick pointers on how to keep them locked? My hair just seems to reject the idea of dreadlocks and "palm rolling" just flattens the lock and breaks it up (believe me, i've tried many times) I need all the pointers and help i can get. I actually want these to work. OR is there anyone in the NEPA area (specificly south of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre since theyre about 2 hours north of me) or even in the Philly area that wouldnt mind starting my dreadies for me??? Someone with experience too....lol. Thank you and i'm excited to be a part of such a wonderful community. :)
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First post

I've been a part of this community for quite some time now. But never actually posted anything. I'm always interested in how peoples dreads are coming along. I dreaded my whole head in June and they were doing pretty well. But I was encountering some problems, a few dreads fused together and then became a big ratty mess. And I'm all about having nice maintained hair. So I deicided one morning to brush/cut my dreads. It was such a painful and time consuming process. I really did love my dreads alot, but became aggrivated after not maintaining them for a couple of weeks. There were 42 dreads total on my little head, all various sizes. My hair is just about getting back to normal. It was very thin after the removal..

I'm thinking that I might re-do my dreads when my hair becomes more full. We'll see what happens.

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Dreads Separating

I dreaded my hair last night, and for some reason some of the dreads keep separating. Have I backcombed them wrongly or something? I noticed that when backcombing them, near the root it felt like it had already begun to separate. I kept backcombing them, but it doesn't seem to make any difference :\ I had to just pull a few of them apart, but I'm not sure if they're apart at the roots because I haven't taken out the rubber bands yet. If they're not totally separated at the roots does this mean they will dread weirdly?
My hair is very fine and straight.

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i'm the waxy one, remember?

i did some damage control
and they're looking better.
they seem to be holding up...

if this is a lost cause,
just let me know
because i don't want to go on
loving these dreadies
if i should just get new ones!

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au revoir, aimee.
the orchard


Well here are my dreadies two months into it now! I know I don't comment on many of the pictures which run through here, but don't think I am not oooooing all of the awesome dreads which I spot!
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