February 16th, 2006

  • genno

taking them out, lots of hair gone

I spent today pulling apart a dreadlock by hand. I've finally got it out and I'm astonished, nearly horrified by how much hair came out with the snarls. How much is normal? A lot of it were loose hairs and broken off bits, but toward the root, more and more felt like it was being pulled out.

It's so thin and so sad. :(

I don't want to cut them all off. (I planning right now to get an undercut as a quick way to get rid of the fatties at my nape)

Can anyone share stories of brushing out dreads? Especially the loose hair/hair loss thing. My dreads are about a year and a half old.
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hello all

this is a message to those of you out there who have cut off your dreads or know anyone who has

anyone willing to give me one?
I am an art student and have a fashion project I am doing. I want to collect as many as possible. They will find a good home on top of a head... so no worries.

I will even pitch in for shipping if needed