February 17th, 2006

  • genno

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Here's a bunch of pictures on the progress.. two dreads down, forty-some to go. But I like the bangs, I might keep it loose just in the front for a while.
I'm halfway through another one by my face.

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  • tairae

Silly times..

So, as many of you know I shaved my head last June and have been letting my hair grow out since then so I can redread it. I, for a while, was thinking I was going to let it grow back down to my waist (I had it that long all through high school and before, cutting it to shoulder length after high school and then dreading it a while after that), but I just don't know if I can take this straight hair bullshit anymore. My hair is only a few inches long and terribly straight and all around boring. Every now and then I put a little dread or two on the back of my head by the rip and twist method (it's habit to mess with my hair, and it gives my hands something to do), but they never stay too long; either they wash out or I untangle them with my fingers. I haven't combed my hair in forever (prior to dreading my hair) and washing it is a rarity (I get it wet when I shower, but I never put anything in it...well, sometimes I put some lavender oil on my scalp which in the long run gets all over my hair, but does that really count?).

Anyhow, today I was complaining about my hair as per usual and decided to try something. My friend Nathan (who has had dreads for 3+ years) told me the other night that I should vigorously rub my palm against my scalp and just get the mats started and eventually I will have dreads. So instead of contemplating cutting my hair (which is the only solution I can think of to make me happy with my hair at it's current state, even though it's only made me upset the last 3 times I've done this) I started rubbing the back of my head. Holy shit, it surely starts something! Since I haven't posted pictures in her forever (and rarely allow pictures of myself to be taken, so it was rare even when I had dreads) I figured now was a good time because my hair looks silly and a bit crazy in the back.

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