February 19th, 2006

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Hello all :)
I was wondering if anyone would do me the favour of posting pictures of the correct way to section out the hair before dreading it. A friend of mine wanted to give it a go, and just needs a visual :P
I'll even try to get pics hehe... or a camera to start with. Anyway, we'd really appreaciate those pics if any of you have some..,

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I posted a few days ago saying that some of my baby dreads (started on valentine's day) had begun to separate. Well, that's not really a problem now, I let them separate, pulled them apart at the roots and just palmrolled the parts that separated into thinner dreads.

Now what I'm really worried about, are my roots. I read through basically every memory on this community, looked through a crapload of entries and tried to find people with a similar hair type to my own (straight and fine). Well, I decided the best option was to use rubber bands to separate it first. Now, I didn't realise until after backcombing it, that I really should have taken the rubber bands out before I backcombed.
I know, I'm an idiot. Now I have non-tangled roots on most of my dreads (the ones that separated are the tightest ones now), about maybe an inch long. I don't want to sound really stupid, and I realise dreads take a lot of time to form, but I really need advice. Will this affect the dreading process? I read yesterday that the hair needs to be backcombed very tight to the roots to dread well. I'm just worried that it will all go wrong.

I've been rubbing the roots and it seems to help at the time, but then later in the day the roots just go back to being straight and not tangled. I really appreciate any advice that anyone may be able to give.

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Help, advice, i need my dreads back!!!

So, it has been awhile, funny how i always start my posts like this. I am to busy! Anyway, i cut my first set of dreads off in Oct. and now i really want them back. It is a really strong feeling that i feel inside, i don't feel like myself without my dreads. I need them. Anyway to my question, since i cut my dreads my hair is all different lenghts, but it is between 6-9" it is shorter around my face, but that is a given, is it to short to start dreading again? Also i feel like i lost a lot of body (to my har) since i cut my dreads, but everyone else thinks that my hair is still thick and full, does this matter, i know that it is not at the same thickness as the first time, but my hiar is really straight will it still work? If you could give me any help that would be great!
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