February 20th, 2006


Last post before I have to cut my dreads...

In honor of my dreads, which are now one year and about two months old, here is my last picture post before I have to cut them off (in about 2 weeks). These are just some random pictures from the past two weeks... enjoy :)

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I know you can't see my dreads in some of the pictures, but I like them so I just threw them all in :) One thing I'm going to miss about my dreads (that I realized today) is... you know when you walk by a mirror or any kind of reflective surface and you catch a glimpse of your hair and think to yourself wow my hair looks really sweeeeeeet right now. I love those moments haha :)

I am, however, excited for my super curly hair to grow back. I have sort of come to miss it...
Another thing I'm excited about is that I have a recipient for every single one of my dreads! Besides all of you lovely people that e-mailed me, a lot of my friends (once they learned I was chopping) requested to have either one or multiple dreads! I love the idea that they aren't just going to go into the garbage :) One of my friends even requested for me to tie a bow around my dread before I give it to him, how cute.

Soooo... enjoy the photos and I will post pictures as soon as I cut them off. That's going to be interesting... :)
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ok that's it. no more.

OK, last night was my last haircut. I swear. really. No, for real this time.

anywho, i was just wondering, and lish you'll probally yell at me for this and send me to the memories, but are there any advantages to smaller dreads over big dreads? cause last time my dreads were kinda fat. i had around 36-28 of them, and i had started with 33, and i have a fair amount of hair. So next time (ie, this fall) i was thinking about aiming for around 40-50 dreads, or maybe a few more. But was wondering if there were any drawback to small dreads... thanks in advance!

PS i just quickly ran through the memories, so lish, no yelling too much. ;)
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I have a baby dreadlock, two weeks old (I think...).
I'd have pictures but I dropped my camera and now it won't turn on... O.o

Well, I spent my money on makeup instead of beeswax or a comb, and used my dad's black plastic one.
It's doing really really well, I think. It hasn't washed out or anything. It's tight and thin, and short, but that's from my hair. x.x

Just thought I might update you guys on how proud I am! XD

hate to be a pain

So i looked in the memories and the one about cutting dreads was not coming up, and that is what i was told to look at. I am going to start dreading my hari in about an hour and my roommate thinks that my hair is to thin and is scared that she is going to mess up my hair if it doesn't work, i really dont want to wait any longer to dread but if anyone thinks that it might not be a good idea to dread them now please let me know. Anything that you can tell me that would be great! Anythiung about new dreads.
Me with pink highlights

combing out/cutting off dreads...

i've read on here about people who cut off their dreads and then wanted them back or grew out their hair to start over again.

is there anyone that doesnt regret cutting them off/combing them out?? anyone who was happy that they made the change?

i've had my locks for almost 3 years, and i love them...dont get me wrong, its not because i dont like them anymore.

but sometimes i feel that maybe its just time for a change. i have this incredible urge to comb out my dreads so that i can start having hairstyles again...