February 21st, 2006

  • jenpip

back and blonde!!(ish)

hey guys its been a while! dont think i havent been snooping the odd entry, drooling over all your delicious dreads. Loadsa shits gone down and so I havent had anytime to post. But now, Ima back! I stripped my hair at last! after being refused by a hairdresser i thought fuck it and bought a litre of peroxide off ebay, along with Efassor colour remover. And the rest is history! I was so sick of being a sad excuse for red (orange) so wanted to go deep purple, but figure i'll stick with the blonde for a while!


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Me and the wonderul Konata :D

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locks & not

hey sweeties!
it's been forever , i'm still
growing my mane knot-less however.
been considering a 4th time lock up
cause im getting kinda bored with all
this hair but for those of you who remember
me ,hello!!

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much love!!!
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  • akimova

(no subject)

Just a thought I had run through my head: has anyone here tried lime juice on their scalp as an anti-dandruff remedy? A friend of mine was told to give it a try (she's dreadless) so I just might take a stab at it in the near future. If anything at least I'll smell like limey goodness, so no harm there!
  • soljah_

long time no post

my last post is a few months ago, so i decided to show you an update of my locks

i washed them today and i loooooooooove how they smell after right washing them =) 

btw, i hate pics of myself >_<

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i am about to stab my comb through my eye.

having dreads has never been this frustrating.
in the beginning, the first set of dreads i had, i started them off with bands at the roots and tips for a while, backcoming them everso often till they dreadedup. and since i have curly hair, my dreads tend to get realwavy. so they would get really lumpy after i washed them with the bands in.

this time around. with my new set of dreads(which are only a little less than a month), i left the bands in for about two weeks, then took them out to start locking up on their own, cos i didnt want the lumps.
i wash my hair a couple times a week. because i get awful cases of ultragrungescalp when my hair goes unwashed for more than three days...
so whats most frustrating after i wash is the fact that i have to re-backcomb all of my head all over again orelse my dreads will just start falling apart. so i backcomb them. all. theyre good for a couple days, till i wash them. when i have to do it again/.mkln
i use a salt water spray, and its not like im using pantene or somejunkfor shampoo. (im actually using the dreadheadhq soap.)

i know this is a long boring pictureless post, but if anyone has a better method for getting my scalp to staying cleaner, or my dreads locking up ultrafast (sans bands)
please please help me out.
i dont want to give up on these dreadies just yet.

dreadlocks and marijuana

forgive me if this is deemed inappropriate
and remove it if necessary, but question du jour...

how prevalent is weed smoking
among the dreaded community
verses that of the non-dreaded?
is the hippie, free love, ditch grass dreadie just an old stereotype?

{noting, of course, that there are plenty of law-abiding DREADED (yay) citizens who would never dream of touching the herb...}

your thoughts, please.
i'm interested to hear the response.

Plead the FIF!

POC and dreadlocks

There has been a talk in other POC (people of color) lj communities about hair care and options for people with naturally dense, thicker hair. It's extremely hard to find information online about it. While this community is not focused on people of color, I do believe that there are different hair care products, tips and methods used to create and maintain dreadlocks.

So, I'm asking all the people of color in get_up_dread_up to share your experience with growing dreadlocks. Post some pictures, share some websites, or anything else about dreadlocks.

(no subject)

hi, I'm new to the community and hopefully starting dreads sometime soon. ive wanted them for years and finally have the guts to do them. but im also a little scared . im trying to do as much research as possible so that way i end up with dreads i love and im proud of.  yell at me if im asking way too many questions. i promise my feelings wont be hurt. im just really curious and want the awesome hair that i have envisioned in my head.

after leafing through some of the memories i had tons of questions answered but i still have more  if i missed one that answers my question please direct me to it.

i have small hairs (1-3ins)  on the top of my head b/c my hairs weird like that. the rest of my hair is chin level about. can i just thread the smaller hairs into the dreads after i do them or do i want to try and include them in the dreads as i  section them off? or is there a better way to deal with the miscreant hairs?

also. im going kayaking in georgia over spring break (17 days away) which means ill be around salt water for 1 straight week. also means probably a lot of wet hair.  im getting the started kit from dreadhq but i have to wait until im paid, so it might not be in for a while. do i do the dreads before i go to the ocean for 5 days. or just snag some salt water in a bottle and use it later? my hair is pretty wavy/curly and i just bleached it and i might bleach it again (another question, if i bleached my hair before do i want to do it 1 more time before i dread it or wait until they're more locked up?) so maybe my hair will knot up easily (?) any suggestions?

sorry to bombard with so many questions. 
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first post

hey gang
just signed up so I thought I would say hello to everyone and share a pic of how my dreads are doing

This is after about 5 months:
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(no subject)

I decided that I really want to be blonde, as I am naturally, so I took a dive into bleaching it. I followed the instructions that Lishd gives on dyeing dreads, because I knew this was going to be quite the task compared to my normal dyeing habits. Apparantly I'm one of the special people who screws up dyeing though, because I have patches. There's random brownness through my dreads and it's terrible. my housemates keep telling me they like it but I'm very picky about hair. My dreads are so sad... I'm going to have to give them a little break and then dye them brown again I think.

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they look okay in the picture but up close it's ugly as hell, and my dreads look like they're 3 months old now instead of 7. *cries*
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a "dreadful" weekend

Pezpunk and her S.O. came over this past weekend for me to do her dreads. We both took some pics, but I'm a terrible photographer, so hopefully she got better shots and will post them soon. Here's what I have:

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Both of them were really fun to have over, and I hope she likes her dreads, I think they came out very cute!
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