February 22nd, 2006

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this may be a stupid question, but...

So I dyed my dreads purple with SFX in August and the dye is still not completely washed out of my hair. It's pretty much washed out, but it's mostly still in the dreads I bleached about a year ago. I want to dye it back to my natural brown, but I'm worried the dye that's still in there will react weirdly to the new dye or something. I've never used normal colored drug store type dye, so I have no clue.

Any advice on what kind/brands are good would be much appreciated. I apologize if all of this is already covered in lish's dye text, I haven't read it in awhile.

You can see my dreads here and here.
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My cousin's wedding is in late March, and my mom wants me to look a little more "clean cut" (read: get rid of my dreads and dye my hair blonde and take out my piercings and declare my love to our governor, Arnold Shwarzenegger... hah, right). I told her I'd be willing to touch up the color in my hair (but keep it a bright color) so that it was a little more uniform. I want to dye my hair in the next month, and I'm a little concerned about how to go about doing so.

I dyed my hair with Special Effects in Deep Purple in the middle of November, and I originally had my hair bleached last June. It's taken a ridiculously long time to fade - most of it's still very, very deep purple, and the tips where the hair isn't knotted up is a dark pink color. I have about two inches of brown growing in, and about three inches of unbleached hair covered with purple under that. I've tried scrubbing my hair with shampoo and I've started washing my hair every other day instead of weekly like I did before. It's made a little change, but not a lot. I also tried rinsing with vinegar, and also with baking soda, which a woman at my mom's salon recommended to me, because she doesn't want to try and bleach my hair for me, but that's not really doing it either.

I want to dye my hair with SFX Joyride, which is a lighter purple, so whatever I do, I need to find a way to remove the darker color.

Here's the question: is bleaching the only way I'm going to get this result? Is it okay to bleach out SFX dyes?

(P.S. Lish, I read your dread dyeing text again, and I didn't feel like it answered my questions, since I'm asking about rebleaching and the effects it will have with the dye already in my hair. Feel free to tell me otherwise though, if I'm just being an idiot.)
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not posted pics in agesss so i thought id post a recent one :) i cant wait for my dreads to age so many people on here have such gourgess locks this community is like pure inspiration. 



Is there anyone in fort myers, cape coral, or the naples area of florida?

My hair is going to be next to impossible to dread, (I have straight thin hair that I don't even have to blow dry or brush to get it straight..) but if someone is up for the challenge.. I've been dyyyying to do it already...

::Crosses fingers::
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