February 27th, 2006

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sooooo, I have a friend who "has a hard time imagining asian hair dreading well"

I would like to convince her with some photos, but i'm having a hard time finding any.


Me with pink highlights

Good Bye Dreads...

So after some serious contemplation, I've decided its time to comb out my 3 year old dreads.

Its actually something I've been thinking about off and on for months, but now I know it just has to be done.

There are a lot of reasons that got me here...

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They're not Grrreat.


I'm down to washing twice a week, and now I have tons of flakes. My scalp seems to be slowing down in the oil it produces, but now I have this crop of flakes and the itchies. I didn't have any scalp issues until I cut down from washing my hair every day, so I'm assuming it's a period of adjustment for my scalp.

I've been using diluted Dr. Bronner's liquid tea tree soap with a dash of tea tree oil and peppermint oil as a shampoo solution, followed by lots of rinsing.

The memories (only 2 posts there) recommend ACV rinse... but when I did an ACV rinse in the past, it seemed to untangle and soften my hair, so I'm not wild about trying it again to treat my scalp for fear of untangling what I've got going so far. Sorry to ask a question again, but the memories didn't really answer it for me.

So I ask you, experienced ones, what to do about flakes? How did you handle it? Did it calm down after time? Did you use a certain shampoo? It's starting to drive me NUTS.
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does anyone know of a good salon for dreadlock maintenance in michigan? in detroit or its suburbs?

there is a salon called Thru Luna's Eyes in ferndale on 9 mile that "does dreadlocks"
i called to ask about the maintenance they provide and what it entails aand it basically sounded like they were just going to twist my locks around and hairspray them.
has anyone gone to this salon an had good results?
or does anyone even know what they do?
it sounded very fishy to me.

p.s. i just got home from vacation so pictures will follow.

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so i don't know why i didnt think of this sooner, but i have some graduation photos.... today :) and i don't have any idea how to style my dreads. i checked the memories but there was stuff about dreadhawks and curling your dreads. i also checked knottyboy but all the styles they suggest are too long for my dreads. i would wear them down but theyre at a strange awkward length because of the style i had before dreads. they're short. some graze my shoulders some hit the nape of my neck, in the front they are different lengths up to my chin. so, if anyone has any suggestions, i would really appreciate it :)

dread dressup

so tonight 3 of my friends and i are getting dressed up and going into the city (philadelphia) to see a symphony for my best friends music appreciation class. i love getting dressed up, cause i do it so rarely. i just got out of the shower and pulled my hair into a ponytail when i realized, i dont know any pretty/nice/dressy ways to do my hair. one of the other girls going also has dreads and weve talke about this before and both of us are kind of stumped as to what to do with our heads of dreads.

i know this might have been mentioned before, but does anyone have any ideas? any dressing up dreads websites?

just thought id ask.

The dreaded dread cut

Nothing like going on the dread community and ruining everyone's day by showing some dreads getting cut off. But here are mine. Things are changing and so am I. I'm thinking of it as a Pregnancy gift for my wife who prefers snuggling non-velcro-heads.

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A pictorial timeline

In memory, I decided to compile a mini timeline of my dreads. I realized as I looked back on my pictures how long it took before my dreads got where I wanted them to be. When I look back at the early pictures, I'm like "Uggghh." Luckily I didn't think so at the time too much or I never would have gotten anywhere. But I thought for those of you in the early stages, wondering if this is ever going to get better, it might help to see how someone else's progressed.

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kiss me

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this is a new lj name...

i aM kittypoop

most of you know...
my girlfriend didnt like my older sets of dreads.

my last posts were of my pink natural sets, she hated them...mostly, she said...because they were "not formed as well" and i guess scary.

so now i have dreads that i back combed...my old mohawk is growing in underneath (which she loves) and she likes how they look.

i guess because i "formed" them and at one point i did alot of work on the ends...

i love them....

and the other night...we wathced a movie...

and she palm rolled them for me ^_^^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^

it makes my heart shine.

she is my sweetiepie.

i love her.
and my head!!!!!

nikki rae
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hello everyone.

everybody is so very lovely.

my head has come along nicely, even though i ended up taking out about half of them and re-knotting them due to original looseness.

who's going to langerado?

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strange face, nice hair.
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