March 2nd, 2006

Sermon to the converted.

Over the past few weeks, I've started wondering how relevant my dreads are to my current lifestyle as a father, and a professonal. They can be a pain when I'm exercising, I hate hitting my wife in the face with them, I don't love the stares I get that send my mind into negative places when I'm in public in the less openminded places I walk.

There was a time when I socialized enough that I felt like my hair was a really powerful statement of my contempt for being part of the status quo, and I won't pretend that my flakier side connects with a deeper spiritial tone of having dreads, when I move.
I feel like there is a web of motion around my actions, when I roll over at night, I feel the tension on my roots and push my hair out of the way automatically, a metaphor for me that constantly makes me challenge my awareness of my actions on those around me and on my agendas, something lost with people who have short hair.

I've been sick over the past few days. I feel pretty fragile, I've lost some weight.I decided not to ride my bike to work, and instead took transit. As I was standing at one of the connecting stops this morning, a portly fellow in his fifties, dressed like a construction worker wandered over my way with a smile on his face. When I'm uncaffeinated, and its 7:30, there's not much that can goad me into talking, but he smiled exposing some gold teeth, and he said " Good morning to you my friend, I knew Bob Marley in my home"
"He was a great man, he did a lot to show his love for everyone", I said, and to my surprise, he pounced into an impromptu sermon.

Did you know Bob Marley's father was an englishman ? He was.
Bob Marley went to a rich school, but he ran away from it to find himself.
When he was older, and needed a place to stay, someone said, go to see your uncle, the rich man. Bob Marley went up and stayed at his uncles house, but ran away, because staying up there wasn't his thing.
Jesus walked though the wilderness, and while he did, do you think he worried about his hair being shorn ?
No, he let himself find himself, and he let the world know that godliness is not about cuts, but about how you let yourself get back on the path to purity. Purity is all about not getting caught up in what others would have you do.

The bus pulled up, and it was crowded, so he opted for the next one.
I will rule the world.

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Hello All,

I started dreadlocks on New Year's (as some of you might remember), when my hair was about 3 inches long. They were twists...and hella delicate. Coincidently (slaughtered the spelling I know), in 3 weeks, this massive random rainstorm hit the area. They didn't stand a chance.

So...I decided to wait. The twists were WAAAAAY to delicate. I'm going to wait for my hair to grow out a lot more. Maybe even shoulder length. At least here, it seems a lot better to wait, because you get the look you want then and there, instead of starting and waiting forever.

My only concern is the shrinkage. Say I wait till the summer to get them done, and they shrink up to barely the top of my head.

What do you guys think?

first post.

hey all, my name's liz, and this is my first post, as i have a question.
im on my second lot of dreads, and they are 2 months old, and they have a heart-breaking problem....

when i had them done, i got them back combed by my sister and my girlfriend, but i only had them backcmbed once, then just let em do their own thing. now they are really really well dreads at the bottom, kind of well dreaded at the top, but all loose and normal hair-like in the middle. i dont know wether i should leave it and hope for the best, or re-back comb it... is 2 months too old to backcomb them again? or would this just undo all the bottom-of-dread goodness....?

ahh please help me!
love to all. x.

p.s sorry if there is anything in the memories about this, but i did look and didnt find anything in there... eek.
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I'm curious if anyone else has problems with wavy dreads? I don't mean the cute curly ends, I'm referring to waking up with crazy dreads that are so wavy they just look dirty. Any suggestions on how to help eliminate the waves without having to go through and work each one straight would be appreciated, since that method is pretty time consuming.

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hello hello....i have a question for all you dreaded people, i've done some extensive research, so either i'm quite incompetent or no one out there has answered my question before!

so here it goes, does anyone/has anyone had the problem of individual hair roots (from hair that has naturally fallen out, but remains in the dread) showing around the scalp? they just look like little bits of dandruf, but upon closer inspection are really hair roots?

if anyone has experienced this, how did you deal with it?

inspired by all you lovely people!!

I usually wear my dreads in a ponytail, and with a headband (especially in the cold weather, keeps me ears warm)! =)

but then i look in here and it makes me let em down and shake em freee!! everyones got awesome dreads. i need to wear mine down more.

cheers for the inspiration!!!

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i've decided that even though they're growing DAMN slow, they're alright fer a year and a half.

random question:
how old would ur dreads be if you didn't know how old they are?

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