March 4th, 2006

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hey yall.

so yesterday i was in my self defense class.
i was wrestling/sparing with a friend and i was caught off guard and my head was smacked very fast and VERY hard on the VERY thin mat.

i have a concussion.

so blah blah blah i got to the ER with my lovely mum who picked me up because i couldnt drive, and i am waiting for a Cat scan.

the VEREY nice cat scan people come and get ready to take me out of my room

and the man says "oooh you've got all kinds of things in your hair dont ya?"
i laugh and say "oh yeaaa."
he says "oh is that wood? oh and there is metal back here too."
and i say " i have to take them out?"
he says, "yes hun im sorry"

so me and my girlfriend took like...many unnecessary minutes taking out my beads and i felt bad to make them wait!!!

but afterwords i was kinda pissed haha.
cause like - i like the ones they are on...and stuff.
and then im home later and couldnt find some of the riht ones...and got silly upset haha.
but my boo helped.

so thats my story...ER CT people made me take my beads and such out for a 5 minute cat scan!!

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Good Shampoo

Today i found some really good shampoo!! I have been lookin for some good shampoo for awhile. I was using Herbal Esence but when I washed my hair my dreads smelled like wet dog ;( so I needed something different. But i found um Neutrogena (sp?) ani residue shampoo and it is great stuff it has a nice fresh clean smell and didn't make my hair too fluffy, but anyhoo its great stuff.

My dreads are coming along really good..locking up nicely. I am goin to dye them soon I wanna bleach all my hair then dye them a burgendy/purple color (I would love to have the color that *FUGGED* uses I like that red but idk yet) anyhoo my dreads are a month and a week old do you guys think i could bleach and dye my dreads yet?? I have checked the memories but just wanted people's opinions on dying dreads at an early age. sorry no pics but i will post some pics soon!

Peace, Love, Harmony
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Hello Dreadheads ;)  I'm new here and today I got my dreadlocks!! i'm very excited. I always wanted dreadlocks butI never had the courage to do it, haha!It took the girl who made my locks about 4 hours and i'm really happy about them..
now we will see how they will progress and grow! I will put some photo's on this entry of the "Before" and "After" ;)

By the way: so much lovely dreads in this community!!! I hope mine will look as lovely as I see around here.

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There used to be a cat on here who sold woodburned dread beads. I'm sorry I don't remember your name, man, but if anyone knows who I'm talking about, and if he still makes them, does anyone have a link? They were really cute with monster faces and some with stars and pot leaves and stuff.