March 6th, 2006

le sigh...

Dear cute boy with blonde dreads and glasses who was at the horseshoe last night for the eliott brood show;

I'm sorry that I had an extremely blonde moment and didn't say anything when you came up to me smiling - I thought I was supposed to recognize you, and when I didn't, I looked away out of habit. My name is Holly - and you have wicked dreads, and are cute.

ps - I'm so glad I'm moving to toronto! soooooooo many dreadheads there, it's wonderful.
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i think i'm going to restart my dreads. i have a few reasons. firstly, when i first got my dreads they were way too skinny. i combined them to make bigger ones and ever since then they've been falling apart and the roots are really random and i feel like these random roots are going to prevent the hair closer to my scalp from knotting (since there are sides of dreads between the dreads i combined and such). i've also got a ton of scalp showing since the roots are so random. so i think i'm going to start over. bush out, dye them a colour closer to my natural one, then redread.

here are some pics (they're almost 4 months old)

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start wearing purple!

it's been waay long since i last updated. i'm one of soulhaus's experiments ;). i just found out im going to be in airbands tomorrow night, me and a group of like 20 people will be dancing crazily to start wearing purple by gogol bordello, dressed up as gypsy punks. it will be fantastic! so my friend simone just came over and we chose what we were going to wear tomorrow, and of course took some pictures...
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