March 8th, 2006


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ok so instead of cutting off my dreads at the end of the year I've decided to comb them out soon. my friend suggested using the Knotty Boy dreadlock removal kit. i checked the memories and couldnt find anything in relation to the kit. I was wondering if anyone has used the Knotty Boy Dread remoavl kit and did it work, was it worth buying and such.


Brand New Dreads!

Yesterday, I went in to the shop and Belinda dreaded my hair!

It took almost 5 hours, during which I watched a lot of entertaining daytime TV and only teared up twice (over the hair-pulling, not the TV).

Since my hair was clumping into its own chunks, she just backcombed those pieces, so my dreads are sectioned the way they want to be. After she backcombed, she palm-rolled the dread, gave it a twist, and pinned it out of the way.

During the process, I was either smiling or zoned out in a meditative state while Belinda spoke on the phone in her native language (not sure where she's from- Ghana? Nigeria?). Very soothing and hypnotic to hear someone speaking a foreign language. Kinda put me in a trance.

I have no idea how many dreads I have... I'll have to try and count them. They're each roughly the size of a finger.

I have always had a lot of hair. Dreading it has now puffed it up and encouraged it to stand out away from my skull a bit. I have so much freakin' hair now, it feels like I'm wearing a persian rug on my head.

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conditioning dreadlocks...

ohkay, I've read the memories. But I wanted to get more options with conditioning locks...

How many of you condition your dreads?
What do you use and why?
What have you tried and what did you think of them?

My hair is incredibly dry- so much so that my BLACK hair is riddled with white from split ends and such. I've never had dry hair before. It sucks. It doesn't feel like they're going to break but I just don't know about all this strand breakage and split ends.

Picutre Post later. For now, answer my questions!

Dreads for Multiracials

Hello, my name is Amy Tanisha and I have been in this community for a while...just reading the posts and looking at the pictures, trying to decide whether dreads are right for me or not.

Well, last night I finally made the decision that yes they are. But I was wondering how many of you with dreads are of mixed race with African heritage. I'm black, white, and Native American so I've got that weird hair texture thing going on.
I just wanted to know what your experience with dreads are and what I should expect given my hair type.

I absolutely love the way Lisa Bonet's look, and her and I have close to the same hair type, so I'm hoping that they will eventually come out to look something like this:

But she seems to have long loose ends. Is that common and how does one achieve that? I'm not sure if I want that or not, but it sure looks beautiful.

Thanks in advance.
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Hello, i'm Josine, 19 year old girl from the Netherlands, and i finally joined :D

Soooooo, after years of doing the most weirdest thing to my hair, i suddenly thought to myself (at 5 in the morning): i want dreads and i want them now! On April 16 my dreads were born :) (Actually i was thinking of having dreads for a longer time, but i suddenly realised i wanted them immediatly :D)

I just grabbed a comb, started backcombing and well.. making a mess of my hair :D Theyr're still a mess today, i have thinnies, fatties, uglys, beautys, loose hairs everywhere but i like it that way :)

Soooo here's a little timeline (i know these aren't the best pics, but ohwell..)

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i saw a post asking about conditioning and i thought i'd pass on the information that i have in a separate post.

found a new dreadlock conditioner that makes me very happy.

dabur amla. i run it over the length of my locks. the suggestions say that you should massage it into your scalp and sleep on it but having dreads we know that unlike straight hair, where you can brush oils through, it takes a bit more work. and this stuff is very inexpensive. to the tune of 4-7 bucks a bottle.

i do know it is dark and made in india for people with dark hair so the use on bleached dreads or natural blonds... i can't say.

i am also still digging on hair masks from lush..

head wraps

this may sound like a stupid question, but, i was wondering if anyone could explain to me (in detail) how to do a head wrap. i have tried and it always falls down and the hair falls out of it.

it looks good for a few minutes and then...BOOM! it falls down. it may be because my hair is shoulder length? does this have anything to do with it?

thanks a bunch, i included pictures..

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Alrighty, I need some help and this is the only place I could turn to!

I've had my dreads for a year now, and lately my itchy head has been driving me INSANE.

it only feels like it's getting worse, and I think it's because I'm taking too many peoples' different ideas on what I should do.

the worker at a beauty supply shop sold me this shampoo (made of 100% tea) and said that he recommends it to everyone with dreads.

but it feels like this shampoo is giving me more flakes and dry itchy skin! When i look at some places on my scalp, I see little red dots and I know for a fact that this can't be good.

it's even moving on to my ears and the back of my neck.

and i've read through the memories on here and they all say to use Tea tree oil, but everyone I've talked to at the stores said this would only dry my scalp even more

some one else recommended hemp conditioner which did nothing except loosen my tips so now they're all thin and about the fall off and i'm really upset.