March 13th, 2006


I'm looking for a salon in the Marin County/San Francisco Bay area that might be able to help me start my dreads. I'm NOT looking for a dread perm, just some stylists who can help my hair lock more naturally.
I know there are plenty of black hair care salons around here, but I'm having trouble locating any that do dreads.
Anybody know of any?

Also, has anyone ever had help from a salon (that, once again, was not using a dread perm)?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey just woundering if there was any 1 near Spokane, WA who would wanna help me out with my dreads?? lol I need meee some dreadhead buddie's darn it! hehe how pathetic.. but really just woundering ;D
Yea!! its monday now! he he I am sleepy... goodnight all!
*melanie* \m/
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Well, I haven't posted in a while, so I thought it was time.
May I remind you, I will have my dreads for 3 years in November.
Also, they need a colour job, what do you say, red again, or back to black?

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First off, I would like to say that thoroughly pleased with this message board. I found this group through a myspace link.

I am planning on putting dreadlocks back into my hair.

I had a knatty set of dreadlocks from age 15 - 18. I am now almost 21. The first time I dreadlocked my hair (15-18), I seperated my hair into braids for about 3 weeks. Then I removed the braids and backcombed the hair. I used wax, locking accelerator (which is just salt-water, hah), and all other infamous activities: crochete loops, palm rolling, rubberbanded tips and roots, oh and did i mention wax, bleh. I started them with perhaps 5 1/2" of long hair. They shrunk and eventially grew towards my colar bone (picture above taken 3 months before I cut them.)

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hello everyone! I know I just posted...coughyesterdaycough, but I scanned myself some more. Haha. I went through some major backcombing tonight for about 3 hours, and already my dreads are like, HELLO WE WANT TO WAVE IN THE WIND! which is all good because it's tornado-ing outside, basically. thanks a bunch, Ohio. :DCollapse )
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you cant really see the 10-or-so locks in the back, but you can see the tangly bits towards the bottom corners of the picture. these will hopefully turn into real locks someday, with enough love and patience. they're starting to knot up from the tips though, so I guess i'll be doomed forever with loose roots? who knows. did the tangling start at the tips, people who grew theirs naturally?
p.s. ginkgo biloba!!
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a few quick questions;

so. i have been considering dreads for sometime now. i will honestly admit that a few weeks ago, i really knew nothing about them, other than the fact that i thought they were pretty. i have done lots of reading on various websites and community memories about maintenance, the whole dreading process, coloring, and washing. i think i have a wee bit more knowledge now.

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i do have a few questions:

* how do you get a certain size dread? i see people with all different sizes and i'd really like smaller ones. how would one go about achieving that? edit: so yes. i kind of more meant ... how do i keep them looking really nice? i think some people look awesome with those messy, chunky dreads ... but i don't know if i would? how do i keep them look&being really tight?

* is it really better to have someone else do them for you? is it easy to do by yourself?

* i don't really know anyone who will do them for me. does anyone know of any where/any one who i can go to in my area [london, ontario, canada]?