March 15th, 2006

Don Hertzfeldt

Oily Hair

Mah dreeeeeaaaaadssss!

I finally got them done. They are 4 days old. Babehs.

I love them a lot, and I've been ridiculously happy for the time that I've had them, however, I've run into a problem.

My hair is really oily. Really.

The girl that did them told me not to wash my hair for a week or so so that they can tighten up, but I'm terrified that the oils will cause them to unravel.

They are in rubberbands currently (gonna take 'em out in a week), so should I risk rinsing them a little? Not necessarily washing them, but just taking a bath and getting rid of some of the oils.

They're pretty loose still.

P.S. Pictures to come tonight, when I'm not at school and photobucket is not blocked.
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So. As some of you might, or might not know, I am currently studying Multimedia Design, majoring in audiovisual, and I plan on applying to the film academy. So this means, I watch A LOT of movies. But lately I have ran out of inspiration for good movies. They all seem out of a dozen, the plotlines are boring, the filming is bad, or the actors shouldn't be actors, because they suck.

So, what movie do YOU recommend? The greatest movie I have seen lately is Mirror Mask, and of course, Harry Potter. But I just love Harry Potter and all their special effects.

I love everything. I have a weakness for the so called 'psycho' movies ( requiem for a dream, pulp fiction, resevoir dogs, saw ), for the great big screen ones with kick ass cinematography ( road to perdition, shawshank redemption, american beauty, gladiator ), and for documentaries.

This post may seem completely irrelevant, and well it is. But it's always interesting to find out what people who are 'like you' recommend to grow as a person and to explore new things.

And just so that this is not a text only, and completely irrelevant post.

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kiss me

(no subject)

hey!!! a question and what works for my hair in the tub!

question -

NOW MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE - tell me the most awesome new age store near you, a cool jewelry shop, bead shop, witchy shop, anything really cool. (if they have a site include please?)

ok now...

my hair wasnt doing too well in the shower... i noticed the top dreads were getting alot looser and icky...
i found out it was from the hard water hitting them from the shower head.


i now use a cup (like a large plastic party cup or whatever you like - mine says "mmmm tasty!" w/ spongebob on it ^_^) and put however much shampoo i need in it and fill it with water...
this also helps with residue issues and having to rinse like CRAAAZY!!!

i use garnier(sp?) fortifying anti dandruff shampoo, suave daily clairifying shampoo AND from bath and body works, i use manderine mango...or somehting like that...

it works SOO WELL.

that is all...

i am going to get my girl to take some pictures of my head to post...i cant work my cam!!!


nikki rae.
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james dean

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hi i have a few quick questions
1.has anyone ever used lushs henna dye?if so whats it like
2.will henna be at all affected by wax?
3.whats the best way to get henna out if need be?
ive dyed my hair with pretty much everything else before and figured i'd give it a try.sorry for all the questions.
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