March 17th, 2006

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I came to you all a couple of days ago about my hair being oily. Thanks for the suggestions! I cleansed my scalp with St. Ives Pore-clarifying Bodywash. It worked very well with stripping off the oils, and as an added bonus it's not tested on animals.

But anyway... that is neither here nor there, I'm here to give you pictures:

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Considering my roots aren't dreaded up... at all pretty much, I'm very hesitant about taking the rubberbands out at my ends. What if it all just falls apart?
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ok so long time no post, but really i don't have much point to post since cutting my dreads, well until now.
So 2 days ago i finally got my grad photos done (again) with the short hair bit. Which means... that yesterday was the first day of the journey for my second set of dreads. :D and that day, was the day i got Jenny's dread in the mail! Coincidence? I THINK NOT!! :D

however, i also found out that i can't graduate this semester. :P which sucks but, it also means i can avoid the real world for one more year and can let my hair grow in the liberal atmosphere that is my university.
Not that it would have stopped me, but meh.
so anywho the countdown is on and by aug/sept i'll have dreads once again. :D

So... umm... yeah...
Carry on!

/pointless post
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i did the rip / twist method for my hair.
why do they look more like braids than dreads?
i also really wish i hadn't layered my hair a few months ago; my head looks bare.

sorry. this is the only picture i have and you can't even see what i mean. webcam pictures are not my forte.

i'm contemplating taking it out and redoing it. suggestions?

Red -> blonde?

Some time ago I've dyed my dreads red. I like it a lot but now the dye is fading away and it's time for action!
I'm considering to go blonde... (naturaly my hair is dark blonde)

But I'm realy worried my hair will be orange when I bleach it now, because of the red dye...
Has somebody got experience with this problem? Or any other advise? Please tell me!

(I've checked the memories)

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It was going to be so good...

Edit - Fixed the pictures, sorry they're so big! I did resize them but it didn't seem to make any difference.

I've been trying to post but I've been having problems with photobucket and stuff. Some of these might be enormous, so I apologise.

I wanted to do a nice update, it's been a while and I wasn't sure if anyone remembered me! I don't post very often but I do read every day.

You guys, and your hair are a constant inspiration to me, and you never fail to make me smile. :)

My dreads are about 15 months old, there's lots of loose hair and I need to redo a load of crocheted ends that I buggered up and had to unpick.

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Thanks for looking!

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hair wax

does anybody know of any good wax to use in your dreads to keep them held together a little better?  i have had my locks for over three years but i still struggle with loose hair at my roots that i find to be quite annoying.  i want to have neater looking dreads because i am tired of the messy look.  it is kinda frustrating since i have straight hair and my loose hair is quite visible.  i make the loose hair into fuzzballs a lot and put them back into the roots, but sometimes that doesn't work as well as i would like.  so any suggestions are greatly appreciated, as well as alternative methods besides wax.  thanks in advance, you guys are awesome!


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Okay I know this may sound a little weird, but I seriously suddenly have a really big lice paranoia. Ever since I read about people having to cut off their dreads because of them, I am starting to get scared. When I think about lice I start itching real bad on my head and then I go "OH NO I HAVE LICE!".

Fact is. I just need to wash my hair again. It's been a while, and the fact that my hair is growing out is also causing the itches.


*looks at dreads with a scared look on her face*

//edit: going to wash them right now because i'm bored anyway. :p