March 18th, 2006

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ok thats me.. i don't know why the image is landscape rather than portait plus its just a rather bad picture.
but anyways i know its not the best picture to actually see my dreas but its comming up on six months here really soon and was contemplating dying the tips or possibly just dying all of them. well either way i was just looking for some feed back.
also i was wondering if by dying them this early it would harm or ruin them in some way
well thanks
oh also just wondering how every ones st. patricks day was?
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After 10 months and 3 days it's over. I cried when I told my mom, which made her cry to. And I am crying now.

But this feels good, really good. Better then leaving them, eventho I love them to death. I have so many styles and extentions to try out. This is the time for it :)

I don't want to leave you guys, I love you! Thank you all, so much!
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fuck yeah!
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I have (spontaneously) decided to dye my hair brown. I have so far gunked 2 bottles on my dreads and am shrieking in excitement/nervousness.

Give me encouraging words folks!

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I have a chance to go see the John Butler Trio over the summer! I have to admit I'm pretty excited... has anyone seen them perform before? I imagine they are amazing live.

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And thank you to those of you who have e-mailed me telling me they received my dread(s) in the mail :) I get excited knowing that my fellow dreadheads are in possession of my hair.

Quick little story: I have REALLY thick, REALLY curly hair, and since I cut my dreads I have only washed my hair 2x with Dr. Bronners shampoo. I go in salt water on average three times a week, and last night I noticed that on the underside of my head, at the very tip of my hair, a little itty bitty baby dread was forming! Looks like my dreads are trying to push their way back into my life ;)

much <3 to you all.
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