March 20th, 2006

Birthday Hair

I posted recently about having weird mixed heritage hair and Lisa's Bonet's dreads and blah blah blah...

Anyway, last friday I decided that it would be a nice birthday present to myself to be able to wake up and not have to do my hair (which takes me forever!). Well, today is my birthday, so I spent about 10 hours this weekend rubber banding, backcombing, and dreading up my hair. I have to say, I've had a very nice birthday so far...

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Looking more like dreads than my last post. Those top rubbers (hehe, "rubbers") aren't usually there, but I had worked on them earlier and wanted them to stay together for a bit.

Hope everyone is having nicer weather than I am. It's 30 degrees and windy out. Brrr.
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look what i did...

...ok, thats a lie.
look what someone did to me... - fotopic doesnt seem to like direct linking :-/ although by the time i find out where the cats hid the camera and have some decent non-phone shots, i'll have worked something out.

it took about 4 1/2 hours, there are 47, and i should have been writing my thesis, but it was booked weeks ago. lukewarm (but still polite) reactions last night meant that ive spent the day going from one extreme of loving it and not caring what anyone else thinks, to the other of being petrified about the reception i'll get at work on wednesday...

you lot are my dread-rock though - knowledge, confidence, faith and pretty pictures :)
I will rule the world.

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So...I have decided. The Sunday of the last week of June...the new Dread era will begin. I will start up my dreads. I decide then because it's the beginning of summer, and my hair grows slow as hell, so I figure by putting them in now, they will grow and develop to look okay for school.

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Tide she says.

Ok so I work at this nail salon and saw this lady with dreads and we were just talking about ut and she was telling me that being that my hair isnt like all thin and shit like hers that I should wash my hair with tide. That that is what will make my hair think and matted and ready to start my dreads. That after that I should braid my hair and leave em in for a long time and and them undo them and my hair will will be good enuff and tangled and basically will be dreads.
And no I dont know what she was on. Have you ever heard of a thing like that?
I wnat to start my dreads already but I just dont know how. I know some info but not all.
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lish in toronto?

it's been suggested that i come to toronto to do maintenance on dreads, begin dreads, dye dreads, whatever you toronto kids want.

with chicago, we orchestrated a number of people together, enough so that the revenues paid for both my plane ticket & my time.

depending on the number of people interested, i would either ask for a slight increase on my usual rates, or have each person pay an equal flat fee to cover my plane ticket & then charge slightly less than my usual rates.

some examples of my previous work can be seen by searching past posts for photos of:
dreadlock maintenance: kawaiinose, joyful__girl
starting dreadlocks: robinhoodvandal, kattlady
pics of my own (never let someone touch your dreads if you don't like theirs):

my rates are incredibly reasonable considering most shops/salons charge between $100-300/hr for services. those who are interested in making this trip happen, please respond to this post. thanks.

Anime Badass Selena

Mod hat!

Because I'm bored and was thinking about something else to do for this place...

Stupid Questions Post!

Being off-topic can be fun and what better way is there to learn about someone than to ask them a stupid question! Did I mention I'm bored and drunk with power? Yeah. I rule.

Here are the rules. I'll ask 3 stupid questions. If you want to answer then, feel free. If not, ignore me.

1. What would you eat for your last meal if money were no object?

2. Describe the best day of you life (the one you had or the one you wish you had).

3. What was your favorite childhood toy?

Ok... GO!