March 23rd, 2006

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Guys! Somebody needs to take my scissors away from me! I'm liable to cut something! Seriously though, the tips of my dreads are loose and curly, which I always thought was really pretty, but lately I've been feeling tempted to cut off the tips so the bottoms are round and all dreaded-- a look I've always been jealous of when looking at some members' pictures here.

My dreads are natural which is something I'm happy about, and I don't particularly yearn for the neatness and perfection that is so beautiful about so many people's dreads here-- it takes a lot of dedication and work and I admire that, but I'm content with the path I've chosen. I don't know, I'm torn! What would you do if you were me? Curly loose ends or abrupt stub endings?

(I'm also at that transition point where I could either cut my bangs supershort again which is what I've been doing for 2 years, or let them grow out for once and use pretty barrettes to keep them off my face. AHH indecision!)

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Hello there (:
Let me introduce myself.. My name is Abbey, I'm 16 years old (turning 17 in july) and I live in the Netherlands. I've had dreads since december 4th 2005, so that make them about 3,5 months old now. They've looked rather bad, but I spent about 2 weeks making them really tight and pretty for spring and summer to show them off at the beach ^^

That's about it I guess. If you want to know more, just comment or go to my LJ (which is still kinda empty).

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yup yup yup! on monday we made some of the most BEAUTIFUL babies you'll ever see.
the lucky subject was can_i_be_her. I did the sectioning and most of the backcombing,
but my sister chilebound and my girlfriend swissarmykate helped buckets as well.

I think they're simply gorgeous and i can't WAIT to see how they develop!

anyway, on to the pictures...

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i know i just posted earlier today but i've been thinking...
ok so this is driven by my own curiousity. i've been wandering around this campus all year and have seen maybe three other people all year with dreads and i was curious if anyone in this community if from the michigan big rapids, grand rapids area?
anyways like i said i'm just curious
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