March 24th, 2006

  • tairae

looking for some entertainment...or just new friends..

Hey hey dreadie mamas and papas....I am in Phoenix for a few days (well really only today and part of tomorrow, then up to Sedona for the weekend, back in Phoenix monday and then heading back home sweet home tuesday) and was wondering if anyone was in the area and wanted to hang out. I met some dreadie kids yesterday but I know they weren't any of you. Anyhow, today I think I am going to check out Art Detour downtown and tonight Particle is playing somewhere. So if you are in Phoenix or surrounding area and wanna kick it let me know! Would be cool to meet some new yet familiar faces. Or if you are out and about and happen to see the back of my head (silly short red hair half way dreaded explosion) stop me and say hello. Much spring time and sun shiny love to you all, no matter where you may be!

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my dreads were 9months old this past sunday. even though i dont post in here often i do check up on everything everyone has been doing, and i just wanted to say thanks to everyone in this community for just being there. those times where i was frustrated with my dreads i would come on here to see what you guys were up to, it kinda gave me the strength to carry on, if you know what i mean. ah, with that being said..

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  • lishd

more info on the possible toronto trip

live in toronto? read this post.

so far, the following people are signed up (though no one's confirmed until ticket money is received):

to have work done:
ethan_couch (tentative)
kawaiinose's sister (i forget her nick)
stateofwonder (tentative)

attending for fun:

i found flights to some toronto airport (does it matter which one?) for around $220. if we can get 10 people who want work, it's only an extra $22 each. the fewer people, the more each would be asked to pay, so contact your dreaded friends & see if they want some work.

one of the people being worked on could save having to pay the ticket fee if they're willing to host. conditions of host house include: space for a potential LOT of sleeping bags, ability to hide/refrain from drug use (i am completely drug-free & am not comfortable in places where there's paraphernalia everywhere, also the host should cater to the lowest common denominator to make everyone comfortable), & NO CATS as i'm highly allergic.

i'd guess this would take place in late may or sometime in june. currently, the trip is likely NOT ON due to lack of interest. anyone in toronto wanting work, respond quick or the idea's being scrapped.