March 31st, 2006


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I got my regrowth done today. I left doing it too long to actually do i myself. and beside is have no patience for that sort of thing. it was really good i loved the whole process of this place other places did a crappy job on my babies. and the lady gave me a free jar of black wax which is awesome!! the chemical stuff has taken some of the colour out of my hair so i look a little like a tiger at the moment which is cool. i'll post pics once i find my digi cam
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experienced dreadlocker in western mass sought!

hellohello y'all.... i'm about to go for dread set #2 and i've decided to solicit help this time since my first time around i had a hard time doing them up myself. they looked good, and i loved them of course, but i had to cut 'em off for a number of reasons... one of which was that they were just getting too heavy on my head. so this time around i'm dreading up with a high undershave so they can get wicked long without getting too heavy, and i'd like them to be skinnier this time too. if there's anyone in the Northampton/Amherst/Greenfieldish area of Western Mass who is experienced with dreading other folks' hair who would be willing to help me, i've a number of things that i do that would qualify as an exchange of services (hooray for barter!)...
-i make crocheted dread hats
-i make jars with cool fimo lids that are good for storing herbs etc
-i make baby slings
-i am a birth doula, if you happen to be pregnant
-i am a sacred sexuality therapist aka Tantra Shaman with specialty in gender issues
-i do intuitive zen tarot readings
-i do spirit communication, home and personal cleansings, etc
-i do guided meditation and ritual/ceremony guidance
-probably other stuff too if you can think of something specific just ask.
and no i'm not a whacko. ok maybe i am, but in that good way. ;)
so.. can anyone help me who is both awesome and proximitous?
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henna and minature locks!

I told you all I would keep you updated on the back of my head (which I have been just rubbing with my palm here and there) and I haven't because I don't really allow pictures of me to be taken. But last night I put some more henna on my head (good lordy, my hair loves that stuff!) and I am in love with how it turned out, so I took some pictures.

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pictures, anyone?

Hey kids. I haven't posted here in awhile so, having nothing better to do on a Friday night I thought I post an update.
My dreads currently three and a half months old. The pictures vary from about 2 weeks to now.
Oh, and there's also a picture of my dreadheaded friend Liz, who's had her dreads for about three years now, give or take.

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