April 1st, 2006


have dreads, will travel

Hey all, I'm wondering what your experiences have been with traveling with dreads. I'm going to be spending the summer in Kenya, and I'm vaguely contemplating cutting my hair short for the trip, for a couple of reasons. My pros/cons list so far for keeping my (fuzzy baby) dreads:

-be able to wash hair less often
-won't have to start them again if I want them later
-might be able to get them fixed up in Lamu (an island off the East coast with a huge dreadhead population)
-salt-water swimming will help them tighten faster

-they may look unprofessional (they're still very young and messy; I'm doing an internship and should look at least somewhat neat)
-they'll probably be hot (they're long enough to be on my neck, but too short to pull back)
-hard to get dirt and gross smells out (I'll be doing some fieldwork in rural areas, spending time in smoky huts and around animals, and might not always have access to washing water)

There are also religious and political associations with dreads in Kenya (to Rastafarianism, the Mau Mau movement, and certain ethnic groups), so I'm not sure how people will react to them. However, at this point you can't even tell that I'm starting dreads because they're bascially all loose ends, with just a bit of tighness around the roots. Leaning towards keeping them at the moment, but I'll probably think about it for awhile...

What about you guys? Did dreads make your travel experiences easier or more difficult?

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Hi :)
I'm Jinee, & I started my dreads almost 1 month ago. I've been watching this community for FOREVER, and am glad I can finally contribute something.

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I know since it's been barely a month I shouldn't be expecting much, since they obviously need a LOT more time to grow/lock up/etc. But it feels like the ends are so loose, and nothing is happening near my scalp. Should I be worried or doing anything, or is this all normal? I just don't want them to fall out or anything because I wasn't doing something right.
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