April 2nd, 2006

i want to shine with the sun

I know. I post a lot! :D
But isn't that what this community is for?
So yes, I bleached my hair for the last time. I have accomplished my color!
heres a pic for now....
Hope you like it!
I wanted to be a lil sunny for the up and coming summer, my last set of lockies were all dark, so I want to shine a lil brighter this time.

fun fun dread love everyone!

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Lately I have noticed that the dreads closest to my face are getting shorter and shorter with each month. The dreads near the back of my dread are remaining generally the same length but near my face they are all uneven (which I like) and very short in contrast to the rest of my head (which I don't like).

Why is this happening?
Is there anyway to prevent this??


The Doubt

Having been a member of the dreaded hair community for 18 months now, I am starting to get those jitters. I'm wondering if there is some sort of association with a dreadlock timeline that encourages one to cut them off or think about it. So my big question is, when did serious thoughts about it occur for you?

In my first year I had no desire whatsoever to do it because the locks hadn't fully developed. Is this normal for most of you also? Then when you start to see how they are really turning out you then decide to keep or chop 'em. When is that marker realllly crossed? I know it would vary but there has to be a 15-20 month timeline or something, right?

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