April 11th, 2006

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My parents said either I had to go or the dreads had to go... so I am now officially homeless.

Sure it hurts, but I really couldn't be around that closed minded attitude, even if I had argued it out and won. I hope to post some 1 week pictures tomarrow, but I am really not sure if I will get the chance. I got out a bunch of the wax and have an appointment to get them groomed so all the loose fuzzies are taken care of, and the roots that are loose will get taken care of as well. Once I got that wax out they layed down more too.

Hope everyones dreadies are doing fabulous.


hair cut thursday o:

Well. I am a little nervous cause I've never had short-short hair before but... dun dun dun... I've decided to take the plunge and shave the back of my head. I started combing in what... early february? So yeah the back is just severely matted and sick. I've had to wear my hair in a ponytail the last few weeks cause there's nothing else to do with it - it's just UNCOMBABLE. ):
So the plan is, I'm shaving the back and then re-dreading the front. I guess sort of like a dreadhawk.
Anyway I just really wanted to announce that and hopefully talk to someone about it. But I can't reply to any comments made after tonight cause we're doing a technology deprivation experiment in my society class! (oooh I shall miss my computron so) Toodles! (:
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Scanned Dreads

I'm having a little too much fun with my new scanner. They are almost 8 months.
Lish dyed the tips when I was down there two weekends ago. The color is a little off here; half have burgndy tips and half have bleached tips. More pictures to come of the dying process and other fun.
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someone posted about an hour or so ago about styles for prom (and I guess formal events as well)

so here's what I've done, and it's a really nice and simple way to get them off your neck as well!

first, take a couple dreads from right above your ears, and tie them in a square knot over your dreads. make sure it's tight!

now, put your hands under your dreads at the nape of your neck, and lift them up. Stuff them all into the knotted dreads, making sure they've all gotten tucked deep in. If you tied your knot tight enough, they should stay.

here's some pictures of the final product, hopefully it will explain better than I have!

from the back
Image hosting by Photobucket

from the side
Image hosting by Photobucket

from the front
Image hosting by Photobucket

It also looks nice with ribbon or flowers somehow woven in! good luck! hope I helped you!
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Well, up until now solitary dread parties are all that's been happening with me. I don't know anyone who would//could help me with any of it or anyone who I would trust to know what they're doing if they don't have locks.

Cry For Help!!!:

I need maintenance help, badly! I got some wild loose hair action going on. I have dreads in the back in a few places that are only half knotted. And there are some that don't get palm rolled often because I have to bend like a gimpy pretzel to roll. Currently they are 5 months old.

Anybody willing to help in Baltimore? or I will be in Philadelphia//West Philly April 28th thru May 4th.?

You let me know what I can do for you. I'm hella good at maintenance on others, dying, and whatnot. You call it. Just please someone help!

(Wow, I hate begging!)
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i've been watching this cummunity for awhile and i love alot of your dreads. i used to have them for about four years but shortly after i went to college i decided i needed a break and the was about two years ago. just thought i'd say hi and that i am slowly putting dreads back into my life. i never cared or thought of hair as anything specail till i got dreads. now it's become such an important thing to me. everytime i feel my hair in the wind or roll some of my curls into three demensions, i realize that my memories are all wrappeed up in there and that they are proof that they existed to me and proof that they helped form who i am today. but still.......dead, though still with me and the new hair is the most important haha. AND...that the future, the hair i know will grow out of my head, although fun to think about, isn't real at all and no use worrying about.

so here are a couple pics of my dreads right before i shaved them off and a picture of me a couple months ago right before i put two dreads back into my hair. I'm in cinncinati ohio and i give dreads to anyone who wants them for a very small fee if anyone would be intrested in that. i'll post more pics soon with my new dreadies. love all.........oh, and i'm tommy by the way.... 

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and me now, though they aren't the best pictures ever haha,

oh and here's right after i cut my dreads....

okay haha.....you're probally sick of looking at me by now so i'm out. hopfully i'll have more dreads and pictures soon and till then i'll be looking an dloving all you guys'/girl's dreads. bye.