April 12th, 2006


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hello all

ive been here a lot lately posting picture-less and unfortunately i can't post a picture now. sad times.

so im having a bit of a freak out about my soon-to-be dreads. my best friend sectioned off my hair and that's fine and good. i want/(wanted) them thin. so we did them at about a little smaller then pencil size each. my hairs about 5-6 inches and i bleached it over christmas. we did about 7-8 and a few of them have come out awesome. they feel like solid knot and ive put ( just the tiniest ittiest bit) of wax into them and i love them. then tonight when she tried to do another one. it got to be this ridiculously tight knot at the bottom, then the top was poopy and then my hair came out in a very large clump, in a knot. im disconcerted. then i tried to do one and it was trying to seperate itself. not happy. do i need to make my dreads bigger? are we backcombing too violently/tightly? also i just bought lock peppa, it doesn't say anything about previosly dyed hair, but maybe? anyone used it before?
im saddened. and i will not be dreaded for easter which makes me a bit sadder. im so afraid that wehn i do do my whole head my hair is just going to fall out and not dread at all.

sorry about this. i just had a panic moment ( i do that sometimes)
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Me & my boyfriend

Here are some pictures of me, and me & my boyfriend. I'm with him for over 2 years and we've both got dreadlocks! It's fun cause we can fix eachothers dreadlocks anytime like when we're watching a movie or something. Our dreads are the same age and that's about 1,5 years old. Here they come!

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hi community!

so.. well i haven't really come out with it yet... but i sorta kinda started combing out my dreads..? well, i stopped after 7 were gone, and i think i will keep it how it is. at least, for now. it gave the the change i was looking for.

my dreads are nearly 2.5 years old, so it wasn't easy. but yeh... here's the process

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aaaand... today is my birthday :D

i have decided to celebrate the earlier part of my day attempting the angel_thane dread-bun-that-looks-like-a-hat 'do. didn't work, but the result was still quite cool lookin'.

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wee that's it. a nice day to everyone :)
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New Dreadlocks!!

I've wanted dreads for the longest time - but never been gutsy enough to go through with it. I've always made excuses not to do it, but I just decided to go for it. :) Hell, It's my hair after all. :D I'm really pleased with how they've started out - It's taken a long time, and only half of them are done - most of the front (my hair reaches down to the very bottom of my back). Tomorrow my mom said she'd help me to do the back. So yay!

The only other person I know who has dreads - one of my boyfriend's friends - said to sleep in a beanie hat (no idea why) because somehow it helps with the locking process. I did this last night, as he advised. Can anyone verify the effectiveness of this? or is it a no-no for new dreads? What exactly would it do that could help them? Any other hints and tips to offer about helping the locking process along, and all importantly, not messing it up! :o

I went to a hairdresser yesterday before I did my dreads, and he sold me a product called Dax wax. He said it should help with binding my dreads. Has anyone used this product before? Does it really help, because I looked on the tin, and it said it has petroleum in it, which surely is a lubricant, and would make the hairs slide and not lock? If not, can anyone recommend a wax that I could buy easily in UK stores?

Also, a few questions about the locking process. About how long does it take before I'll start to notice the effects of them locking? How long before they stop being frizzy (or are they meant to be frizzy now, or not?). I know that I should wash them every 3 days (I don't think I could hack NOT washing my hair - urgh), but how should I go about doing it so that I don't loosen them or hinder the locking process? Haha, oh, so many questions, I apologize. If anyone could give a newbie some advice about caring for their beloved new dreadies, I would be so so greatful. I love them so much already, I don't want to mess them up by making silly mistakes. :)

Thanks in advance! *kisses and hugs!*
/Erica xXx
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1 Week Old

Took some pictures today and this was the only one that was really worth anything... I dont think I am gonna do anything about the fuzzies, probably just wait to deal with em after a while. I don't think a little wax would help them much and I am not willing to add much, cause I just don't like the wax really. Haven't washed em yet and don't plan to for at least another week, maybe two.

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a thank you...

alright, so I know I've posted a lot recently, but I think this needs to be said.

All my life, I've had a lot of body issues. I've suffered from an eating disorder for most of my life, and although I've resolved it, I am still very insecure about myself.

Whenever I post here, you are all so supportive! I always feel so beautiful after all your compliments, and I want to thank you for it. You are a wonderful community, and you should all give yourselves a pat on the back!

I think I probably speak for more than just myself when I say that I appreciate all your help and love!

so, THANK YOU, for being so wonderful.
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