April 14th, 2006


Fight Global Warming

I know some of you are probably gonna wanna scalp me for posting off-topic. But this community has alot of members and I find this issue is very severe and needs to be posted everywhere.

Our world is dying, and it's our job to keep it from doing just that. Please visit www.fightglobalwarming.com and see what can you do to help. It goes to as little as just not running your AC and having the windows open instead to totally converting your car into a vegetable oil burning machine. We're receiving our first horrible signs of global warming. Our polar bears are starving to death because there aren't enough frozen waters anymore to hunt seals and whales on. They can't swim around and hunt, they have to scoop their food out of the breathing holes. Polar bears have gone as far as hunting walrus, which they have never done before.

I could name numerous other horrendous things that are happening on our planet right now.

Please visit www.fightglobalwarming.com and sign up for their newsletter!

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Have not posted in a long time (even tho i come on here and look almost every day ;p. I thought i would take some time and post some pics for you all ;) My dreads are locking up wounderfully !!! My locks are about 3 months old (on the 21st) woo hoo the day after the holiday hehe !!
Oh i finally got to talk to a fellow dread head yesterday he was awsome! He had his dreads all up in a hat then he took it off and some frikin beautiful dreads came fallin down. My eyes got all big. He said they were 4 years old and he had some sea shells and glass beads and wooden beads and all kinds of shit....it was awsome !! k i'm done here are the pix...enjoy ;D

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(no subject)

Any of the dreadheads in this community attending UT Austin?

I'll be there once the fall semester starts and I've got a fear of strangers (i.e. people I've never talked to) helping me with my dreads.

Anyone in the Austin area at all?

dread sisters

I think I'll be livin vicariously through these sistas dreads. Miss mine but im trying to cope :P
I dreaded this grrrls hair about a year ago....did some maintenance!

and after:

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1 month old plus the day at the oceanfront!

Yay! My lil ones are one month old, they are full of frizzies but I really don't care, me and my friend started them but I'm not messing with them very much I'm gonna see what they would like to do of themselves. Except for seperating them when they want to grow together. Well except one wanted to seperate into two. Otherwise I'm just having fun!

Happy one month to my dreadies! instead of the third, the 2nd time is a charm!

more below...

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scanned dreads

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I had a fever last night for the first time in years and years and felt just truly horrible.
My friend, Lars, was over watching movies with me and played with my dreads for something like an hour while I layed on the couch. It was so nice. I figured the people in this community could appreciate how awesome that was. :)
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