April 15th, 2006

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so i died my hair dark brown. it took a few boxes of hair die, but it looks fine now. it's pretty dark too but thats ok. and i will post pictures soon this week i promise. anyways, my mom ordered for me shampoo from dreadheadhq.com also something from that website called "lock peppa". has anyone every used it/heard of it? i know it's not the most "natural" way to go but i think the hair dye kind of loosened them up so i'm going to try it.

well my birthday is in 2 days!! i'll be 16.

oh by the way i have a story for you!! so i was at my friends house who lives on the lake. we were smoking some joints and you know, and then i relized he had a canoe! so i was like lets go on the canoe, but no one else wanted to go on the canoe so i went by myself. then i was getting worried cause i couldn't turn the boat around. i was on the phone with my friend and i was like "hey ian can you stay on the phone with me till i get back this is kind of scarey" and he was like haha sure. so all of a sudden i turn a little and i rock the boat too much and it flips over!!!! and i lose the darn cell phone and im struggling for my life, the boat is upside down and i climb on top of it and start screaming for help!!!!! oh wow i thought i was going to DIE!!! no lie. oh well i bet you don't care but yeah. i just felt i had to express the latest near death experience.

Some real up close pictures

So here are some real pictures for you, where you can actually see my dreads up close....

I had a mohawk about a year and a half ago, and haven't cut my hair (except for my bangs) since then. I planned to have dreads, but because I never washed or brushed my hair about 10 months ago dreads started forming where the mohawk was (the middle), so I decided to just let my hair do it's thing....because of this the dreads where my mohawk was are very tight, and longer. ohsohumpy finally finished my whole head 2 months ago.

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In the forest

Hello! Picture time...

But I've got a question too: I want to dye them again, the red is faded, but I don't know what colour I shall choose this time (my origional colour is dark blonde). I was thinking about an orange/redish thing, like a natural redhead... What do you think?

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hey kids

It's been a while being internet-less in toronto here but I wanted to say hi to everyone! I brushed out my 9 month old dreads this week - not because i didn't want them, or was unhappy - in fact they'd never looked so good before. my problem was realizing that in 9 months they've barely gained any length and I know I'd get impatient and get rid of them in time. so I brushed them out and am going to grow my hair long, and get them done professionally by a man named Drew in TO who dreads for a living. i'm really looking forward to it and going through the maturing process of my dreads in the future! Good luck to all of the new dreadheads here and I'm sure I'll be back online soon to drool over your beautiful hair :)


Here are just a couple of pictures of my dreads after i died them dark. i just took these pictures on account of picture requests from some of you lovely people. so here, i hope you like!

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plus, in my last post nobody said anything about the dreadheadhq stuff i'm ordering, everybody's so focused on how dumb they think i am. i'll ask again, anyone ever hear of or use dreadheadHQ "lock peppa", or their shampoo? eh?
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two questions: [x-posted from dreadlocks]

1) would anyone in or around plymouth, devon be willing to help me work on my dreads a bit? they’re over a year old and the upper parts have locked, but the ends have unraveled entirely (several inches-worth) and it’s driving me nuts! the other day a girl walked by on the street with the most gorgeous, long, tight dreads, and i was struck with longing. it’s not that i want my hair to be exactly like that, just that i’m not really happy with it in its current state.

2) i’m looking for a place to buy sfx hair dye in plymouth. any suggestions? i’m going for purple, specifically.

thanks, guys!