April 16th, 2006

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So after some time lurking, I've finally plunged in.

I currently have bihawks, when I started the dread process they were 6 inches long -and after not seeing my real hair color in over four years and getting butthurt over breakage and thinning, I sat down in my bathroom on my 4th day of this past week's drinking binge, and spent four hours ripping and twisting and palm rolling, until I acheived what looks like a spider crawling over the back of my head. They are now two days old.

I have no plans on letting the shaved parts grow out any time soon, so I think I will see how these dreaded bihawks work out - I like them so far, but can't wait for them to tighten up and start growing. I will post a before/after photo asap, probably when they reach the two week mark.
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Hi, you may remember me. Probably not though. I was one of those posters whose first and only post was "did I do something wrong to my dreads?!" and never really introduced myself.
Well today I thought I'd make my first (ever, anywhere, excluding one crappy photo on myspace because we all know myspace sucks) dread post because I think mine are actually starting to take shape, and also because we had a bright day for a change here. The sun came out every once in a while for me to show them in some nice light.

from this~

1 day.

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Bugs, Smell, & Shampoo

I'm pretty sure I'm going to dread my hair this summer and have a couple questions before I do...

  • Knottyboy has a disturbing amount of warnings about bugs + dreads on the site. How common is this, really? Can I never lay down in the grass again? Will I always have to cover my hair if I'm hiking/gardening/whatever?

  • I work in a burger joint... will my hair smell like fries until the next time I wash it/febreeze it? Is it pretty much guaranteed to soak up whatever smells I'm exposed to that day?

  • From looking at the memories about shampoo... will I be safe using pretty much any organic soap?

    Thanks a lot, any help is greatly appreciated. ♥
  • playing in the sun..

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    I know, lots of pictures ;) but I really like them especially because they look more tight then to are in real haha :P.I have lots and lots of loose hair but I love them more and more every day!! the sun is shining and I really needed that!!

    Have a great day!!
     xxx Hess
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    Hey there- I'm new. My name is Jesse and i just have a few baby dreads but i think they are totally cute. I'd have more, but my hair is short and i dont want a full head of little dreads...they tend to be VERY sticky-uppy!

    <3 Jesse
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    weird question

    i dont know where i found this picture, but her dreads are similar to mine..and i would love to ask her a few questions about this length of dreads. does anybody know who she is/know her?

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    anyone in portland or eugene oregon that would wanna be my designated dreader?

    my friends are open to help, but it would be nice to have someone with a little more experience. i am willing to compromise on a price, but i'm not rolling in the dough right now, just fyi. :)

    leave a comment or my e-mail is kgibbon1@uoregon.edu.


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    Hey guys, ive never posted before, but ive been lurking for aaaages, and for my blanket compliment you guys are all great. but really i think you, its a great community to feel a part of.

    My question for the day is re-dying, opinion rather than technique; my dreads are plum/black , natural, being dark blonde and bleached too. however, theyre looking less great now as my roots are coming htorugh, and im just wondering what you guys do if you wanna dissolve that problem. im reluctant to re-dye/bleach my dreads seeing that im really lazy and with limited fundage. but im really getting annoyed with my roots; as my dreads look less striking. so...any suggestions would be great!

    oh yeah, and im sorry for this being a non-pic post, but cameras seem to have a problem with my face at the mo.

    thanks guys!
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