April 17th, 2006


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i've been thinking about combing out a couple of my front dreads to make bangs. the 4 or 5 dreads around my forehead are bothering me because they're a lot shorter than the rest (before i dreaded my hair, i had sideswept bangs). and to be perfectly honest, i have a little complex with my forehead (fivehead!). i think it's way too big.

so my question to all of you is do sideswept bangs look weird with dreads?
if any of you have pictures, that would be a huge help.

thanks. :)

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Dready Blues

I'm a bit down on my dreads right now. No intention of getting rid of them...just frustrated. I know the constant wetting from waterpolo isn't good for them, and the results are very visible, though not so much in pictures. The frizzies are catastrophic. I'm all for leaving my dreads alone and letting them do their thing, but I need to find a job, and the fuzz is getting a bit out of control.

On top of this I'm being anonymously harassed by someone on my LJ, who hates my dreads. Their most recent comment was:
Subject: If you ditch those horrid dreads...
I will buy some of your jewelry. They make you look terrible. TERRIBLE.

Last time they told me I looked like a dirty 12 year old. I told them they'd never find a 12 year old with tits like mine....

Anyway, I know there's no solution to my problem, and I really just needed to complain for a minute, so thanks for listening!

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my name is bean or beanito [whichever you prefer]

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this is meee!!!

i had dread babies at one time but that day has passed and im thinking about trying again..
however, i need some help cause they seem to have a problem staying in..
and adviccceee?

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so i have to cut off my dreads. my camp does this lice check thing every year and they think that dreads are a really nice home for lice and that with them they can't do an adequate check. i am so bummed. i already tried to fight it but there's just no way. my camp counselor friend is gonna try to help me figure something out but..i think it may be a lost cause.

now, to go about cutting it. good hairstyles/how to cut it/any advice at all?

almost 3 months now.

some of my locks are getting tighter, yet, some seem to be unraveling a bit. do most people go through this around the third month? is it still okay to use the rip and twist method around this time (maybe this is why they are unraveling)? also, i was wondering what type of spray bottle most of you keep your salt water spray in? everytime i put the mixture into a bottle, it eventually clogs up the nozzle entirely, and i've had to replace it a bunch of times now. thanks! :) you all are amazing and so very beautiful!

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