April 18th, 2006


i want more dreadies friends. so, if you live in or near columbus, ohio, you should be my friend. ok. thats all. ... and heres me.

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memories post

a tip for those who have stinky dreads when wet that aren't stinky when dry:

turn the faucet on lukewarm & hold one dread at a time in the flow. chances are, you're going to see some foam appear at the drain. especially with older, tight dreads, it's more difficult to rinse them than you realize, & shower spray doesn't always get out all the soap. lukewarm water is important because cold water stops soap from sudsing, but you won't be able to rinse cleanly without some heat.

try it, & see if your stinky dreads smell better as they're drying.

(again, if your dreads smell when they're DRY, this is an entirely different problem & a simple high-pressure rinse probably won't help you.)

this post is going in the memories, so feel free to add your own tips in the comments.

dread wrapping

wrapping dreads??
you cannot find how to just simply wrap dreads in yarn on the internet anywhere...had a friend who had it professionally done and it looked easy enough but my ends keep unraveling...

any solutions?
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sending out an s.o.s... [that was incredibly lame.]

i'm tired of living vicariously through my best chums dreads!

my best chum has incredible dreads.
he's had them for three years, and they're blonde, and basically, magnificant.

i spent the weekend dying and crocheting his dreads.
the touching and the smelling and the waxing and the caressing made me want them even more!
they turned out fabulous by the way.

i havent cut my hair in 251 days [my goal is one year]
so it's getting long.
about shoulder lenght.
it's boring as fuck.
i need a change.

the point of this post: did any of you have a hard time deciding to get dreaded? there are tonnes of other factors. if they don't turn out nicely [obviously i would get someone experienced, and that i trust to do it]. if they don't suit your head...and of course, parents, innocent bystanders, family and work.

i've had my septum pierced for two years and only my mum's side of my family know. my dad and step mum's side are ultra conservative. if they knew i had it pierced, they would have a hissy fit. whenever i see my dad, i just flip it up. septums are great for that. i'm probably sharing too much...but it's my main predicament. my dad and step mum's reaction. they're always saying that i have, "gorgeous hair" and that i dye it too much. so imagine if i tease and dread the shit out of it? yeah, they wouldn't be pleased. they think my 00g lobes are disgusting aswell. i'm, "ruining my body".

i am moving out, and to toronto for art university [ocad] in september, so...yeah.
the roof/rules thing will be non-existant.

personal experiences and feedback would be greatly appreciated.
thank ya kindly for taking the time to read this.

sincerely i remain;
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Thank you guys so much for being so supportive and awesome.

You inspired me!

I've made a hat, that obviously doesn't fit me. My dreadies are too small. However, this would be the perfect summer hat for someone with long dreads. It's made of jersey knit cotton (read: t-shirt) and yea, it's awesome. The hem is 24". Since it doesn't fit me I've decided to sell it. $20.
If you want me to add a brim let me know!

And here it is.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
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Funny ol' game!

Hello then! So i recon i have clocked how to get my pics up, They come out as clickable thumbnails and not nice big pics like everybody elses pics on here. Im not sure what im doing wrong, I recon you guys just spend far to much time on here!
Here are a couple of pics of my dreads and one pic of the infamous 'Wagon Beast'. (My merc bus which I am currently converting into a house on wheels)!
So hopefully the pics will show on the forum, otherwise all you will see is a load of text which will meake no sense at all! :/

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(no subject)

Hi everyone! I've read the memories, but the question I have still remains:
after backcoming and rubber band-ing..is it normal for the dreads to become fluffy and sort of thin? If not, how do i fix this?