April 19th, 2006

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It's strange to admit, but breaking my shoulder has actually been really good for my dreads. I can't put my hair up at all so I've had them down more than I ever have, making me appreciate them in a new way.

On the other hand, they've been laying flatter against my head because I can't ruffle them up and have them look like a big ropey mane like I like to.


Adding extentions to real dreads

After having plenty of difficulty attatching roving dreads to my 2 year old dreads without it looking stupid, I have finally devised a great way of doing it. And seeing as I have never seen this method documented anywhere I thought i'd explain what I did.
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sorry if this is off topic or of no interest.

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i realized that i havent posted anything since right afte rmy dreads turned one. andddd i jsut got a new tattoo, so this seems like a perfect excuse to take bad pictures of myself and post them all over the internet. um i guess my dreads are...almost 16 months? 15 or 16 im starting to forget.

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 its a beautiful day out here in PA. hoipe everyone else is having a good day tooooo.

A little update.

Hello there everyone.
I was going to wait for a photo update, but I figured I might as well now, as I'll do again one I get more current photos. They're a little over 5 months old... young still. No wax here - no way Jose.
Have a spectacular day, and, if you are so inclined, happy holidays tomorrow.
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And there you have it.

i've checked the memories...

im on my second set of dreads (does it help if i mention they're only 2" long?) and i have sort of a silly question.

last time i think i washed them too soon after i put them in. probably 3 or 4 days after i think. anyway i put these in on sunday. i've been thinking about when to wash them first. at first i thought sunday...one week after, but then i started to think a little more. i know about the whole clean hair locks better thing...and i've also heard the longer you wait at first the better.

so i was just wondering what everybody thinks/your experience. longer the better. week-ish. or just when ever i start to feel dirty?
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barbie cut hair

Intro/Short hair

Hey everyone. I just joined the community at the suggestion of my roommate, oh_so_humpy. I want to start dreading my hair soon (ideally tomorrow), but I'm a little concerned about the length of my hair. It's fairly short, probably 6 inches at its longest, and 1 inch at its shortest (in the back). It reaches about to my ears (I'd post a picture but I don't have a camera or any recent photos). My roommate thinks my hair is too short to do it, but I've read about people dreading hair shorter than mine. I guess I was wondering if anyone had encouraging (or discouraging) experiences dreading shortish hair, or any tips about how to make it work better/easier. I don't mind having some undreaded hair in the back for a bit until it grows more, but I'm hoping it won't look too funny that way.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice you guys have on the subject.



so once in a while i'll have a dream where i have perfectly straight smoothe healthy hair and i'll start crying and thinking how did they come out so fast? like.. did i condition them by accident, or brush them or something. and they'll keep getting realer and realer and then the next one i'll have will be like wow this time it's not a dream, i really don't have dreads anymore. when it's really a dream..

anyways, does anyone ever have these dreams??

hey guys

I have just joined this community because I want dreadlocks. Probably this summer:)

This inquiry might have been previously answered..but...do any of you often find it difficult to get a job with your dreads?

That is really my main concern, other than that, I have another question. Is it really better to start dreads while the hair is short?