April 21st, 2006


aloe related question.

ok, so i've started putting aloe in my hair to tame the frizzies. as i was putting it in this morning, i wondered whether there would be any adverse side effects to my dreads. i google searched and came up with this website that said aloe could potentially leave behind a residue in the hair. (but this website also gave the pros and cons of putting toothpaste in your dreads?!) i searched the memories for aloe and i didn't see anything regarding whether or not anyone has experienced the aloe build-up, so if anyone could give me their experiences with the goo, i'd appreciate it.

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hey. looked at the sectioning portion of the memories and found some greta information, but i was just looking for some information specific to me and my sectioning job...so i included pictures. i just want to make sure these sections won't end up to be TOO big of dreads..I am looking to have medium size like the thickness of a finger. i have 21 sections to be dreaded on my head.

EDIT: Question Answered...thank you!

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